Things to Consider When Choosing an E-commerce Solution Company in India

Posted by Sudha Solutions on July 30th, 2021

So you're determined to start selling online or switch to e-commerce portal design services.

And you've already completed all of the crucial steps for your e-commerce venture. Presently the next phase is to assign a promising E-commerce solution company in India. But how can you grab the perfect e-commerce partner for your business?

Assigning an e-commerce provider begins with selecting the appropriate e-commerce software. But that's just the start. When assessing e-commerce software vendors, there are many more measures to evaluate to ensure you pick the excellent partner for your e-commerce project.

Here are few factors to look for when choosing the best E-commerce solution company in India:

  1. Templates that can be customized

The accomplishment of your online store hinges on the composition of an appealing, professional-looking creative website.

However, not everyone has the critical specialized abilities to build a website, nor does everyone have the economic means to pay a Web designer. Instead, your e-commerce software should provide a library of attractive themes and templates that can be adjusted to represent your company's identity.

Customization should be quick and straightforward, such as drag-and-drop strategies that allow users to alter items and product listings in seconds. Remember, only a few good ecommerce web design services can unlock this door for you!

  1. Domain name & hosting

The foundation of an e-commerce website is comfortable hosting and an extraordinary domain name. To ensure that your online store is constantly up and running, your selected E-commerce solution company in India should have excellent high-speed servers with at least 98-99 per cent uptime and considerable bandwidth. It should also allow you to rapidly and quickly set up your domain name.

  1. Tools for shopping carts

The soul of your internet-based business is your shopping cart. It would help if you were prepared to organize inventory, trace all the orders, and keep client profiles. Buyers also value inventory scores and sold-out/back-order warnings, which entitle them to keep up notified before investing.

Additional features to peek for encompassing the proficiency to build and apply rebates, coupon codes, and allegiance strategies, as well as the capacity to modify variables like sizes and colors effortlessly, personalization choices, and the ability to calculate prices and shipping taxes automatically.

  1. Methods of payment

The payment policy of a shopping cart is a critical characteristic to evaluate. Customers should be eligible to pay using their chosen payment procedure is often as likely to boost sales. Ask about the expenditure strategies approved by the seller, such as credit cards, mobile, and digital wallets like Pay Pal, PayTm Google Pay.

Ask about the vendor's payment gateways and whether it assigns an in-house credit card processor or a third-party processor for credit cards? How is evidence about you and your clients managed, and can the system interact with your bank or trader account easily?

  1. Customer service

It's annoying when an assistance provider is inaccessible, whether you expect tech contribution or have billing difficulties. Because not all e-commerce platforms deliver a similar level of customer assistance, make sure the one E-commerce design revamp services you select is accessible when you require assistance.

  1. Apps created by third parties

If you already utilize or intend to manipulate business applications to legislate your e-commerce business, combining them with your online store will render things a lot more accessible.

Similar business apps will protect you a lot of time instead of having to import data manually. By choosing the best e-commerce solution company in India, whether you want to run economic reports, arrange shipments, or deliver order updates, you'll have all the knowledge you need when you need it.


It is effortless to begin an online business. The best E-commerce solution company in India, like Sudha Solutions, automates setting up an online store and enables anyone to start selling online in no time.

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