Porter Cable C2002 Oil Free UMC Pancake Compressor

Posted by henrywilsonn14 on April 4th, 2016

When I’m in need of a pancake compressor to do some light to heavy duty tasks, I always consider what Porter Cable has to offer as they have a long history of manufacturing some of the best compressors. The build quality is awesome, performance is reliable and in adverse circumstances one can find Porter Cable replacement parts online to get the repairs done.

I simply got this compressor as a birthday gift a week ago and it was the one I had my eye on for some time. It is supplanting a more seasoned Campbell Hausfeld, expansive limit, and truly significantly more than I require. This is a lot more minimized for my little one auto carport wood shop. The carport is made for three small vehicles, yet I need to stop the trucks too once in a while.

Anyway, I connected it to give some air a chance to course through the framework with the drain valve open to prime it. I let it run a couple of minutes and shut the valve. It produces quite a bit of noise which was more than I expected however not any more so than the Campbell Hausfeld I just disposed of. I set the weight to 120, and the outlet the same, and left it for a day. I did this to test to check whether it spilled. Not one drop turned out. It held the same weight which is great.

The following day, same thing, and now I connected my workhorse air nailer. I had a short 6 foot hose and two or three 15 footers, and the brisk detaches work extraordinary. Everything so far is truly going my direction. I am cherishing it. I set the feed pressure value to around 65 or 75 for 2 inch nails, it shot them in the wood around 1/6 inch deep. I balanced down around 10 pounds and it was about right, flush. At that point I changed to 1 inch nails and shot several test nails, too deep, supported off to around 40 psi, great. I shot a sum of 12 nails, not including the 4 or 5, 2 inch test nails, and with the pressure in the tank still at 120 or somewhere in the vicinity, I lost no pressure, and it never expected to return on to refill or recycle.

I am what you would call an upbeat camper. I bled off the pressure totally, simple to do, after I completed, as I don't plan to utilize it again at whatever time soon, and didn't have to keep it influenced up. No water turned out, it was completely dry from within.

After all, yes I admit, it is somewhat uproarious, almost all are, and yes, at to start with, it moved a little on the floor, yet not much, when it was energizing, but rather it does the job, has a compact footprint, and the working pressure is not an issue, simple to convey. The brisk disengages are an extraordinary in addition, as I needed to get some for the other compressor. It accompanies two outlets, in spite of the fact that I don't think I will require two, yet one never knows. The valves are anything but difficult to alter, and reacts immediately to the weight you need. Also, it comes in my most loved shading as well, so how cool is that. Incredible little tank I would prescribe to anybody.

All in all, this is a fantastic pancake compressor that can do the heavy loading for you. It comes in a perfect shade of red, has a great build quality to boot and performs like champion consistently. If you’re in hunt for something that can power your nailer and other pneumatic tools, this is the compressor you should definitely consider. In the event that it gets damaged you can buy Porter Cable air compressor parts from many places online and otherwise, so it’s a safe investment.

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