How to personalize your room using tiles

Posted by Edward on April 5th, 2016

Tiles go a long way in giving a personal touch to your room. This could be credited to the boom in the tiles industry in the recent past with many new innovations coming to the forefront. There are ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass tiles among many other tiles type. Digital tiles are the ones that are adept in adding a personal touch to your room. Here are a few tips that would help you personalize your room. Have a look:

  • Floor tiles: Ceramic tiles go very well for flooring. There is a scope of lot of experimentation. In fact, making scenery on the floors by incorporating different collared and different shaped tiles could make for a pretty floor. Colour combination is the key here.

Ditch the carpet and imbibe the magic that tiles can weave in your floors. You just need a little creativity. What is best is that tiles are easy to maintain too. Don’t shy away from taking expert opinion if needed. It would save you much hassle later on.

  • Wall tiles : Think anything but conventional when it comes to wall tiles. The tiles of your room should be reflection of your likings and tastes. We recommend installing floral prints in poignant colours for the walls of your room. A splash of colour is always pleasing to watch. Any material goes well for wall tiles be it the ceramic tiles or glass tiles. Think on the lines of uneven borders and multicoloured tiles in varied designs for your room because it adds a distinct personality to the room. Beautiful scenery, textures and sometimes even personal photographs can be engraved on tiles to be installed on the walls. We suggest choosing tiles that match with the overall architecture and colour combination of the room because you definitely would not want the wall tiles to look amiss in the entire architecture of your room.
  • Bathroom tiles: Bathroom is an intrinsic part of your room and we are all for giving your bathroom a personal touch. How about creating a personalized appeal to bathroom by a creative blend of tiles? The wall tiles on the bathroom can be a mix of three colours in ombre hue. Blue colour goes very well for bathrooms from darkest to lightest colour.


  • Fire place: Indeed a fire place is one of the most striking features of the room. It should be anything but boring. Wall tiles in contrasting colours (different from the ones used on the walls) make for a pretty fireplace surrounding. In fact, get small tiles in beautiful patterns for the same to get an exquisite feel to the room.
  • Other considerations: Remember, a personal space or a personal touch can be added by creative use of tiles. This in turn can be done by giving due importance to colour, size, texture, patterns and borders. Leading manufacturers of tiles or good tile companies even supply digital tiles that can be curated as per your tastes and likings.

Tiles are a part and parcel of what our home is really about. I’m sure you’ve never come across a house without tiles be it expansive bathroom tiles or classic floor tiles or the neat and clean white coloured kitchen tiles. Always remember that tiles come with the responsibility of maintenance, one which needs to be fulfilled for longevity and durability.

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