The Division: Where to Find General ECHOs Ⅰ

Posted by Ople Asension on April 5th, 2016

This guide will show players the locations of all general ECHOs in The Division. These collectibles are part of the Intel family, but come with their own Rose Jacket cosmetic item as a reward for collecting them all. If you’re looking to grab all 293 bits of Intel, you’ll have to find all of the Survival Guides, Phone Recordings, Incident Reports, Crashed Drones, Missing Agents, and yes, ECHOs.

ECHO 01: End of the World Party, located in Clinton - Go to the rooftop close to 9th Avenue (between West 47th Street and West 49th Street) to find this one. It's also known as the Breaking Bad Easter Egg.

ECHO 02: Blue-Collar, located in Tenderloin - Head to the street near the 6th Avenue and West 24th Street intersection and look for a tall building.

ECHO 03: Interview, located in the Garment District - Go to 6th Avenue and West 36th Street, then look right past the Dark Zone checkpoint.

ECHO 04: CERA, located in Pennsylvania Plaza - This one's right next to your Base of Operations, off to the northeast.

ECHO 05: Goulash, located in the Hudson Refugee Camp - Go to the very start and look for it before you get to your first group of Cleaners.

ECHO 06: Cleaners, located in Tenderloin - Go across the street from the nearby Electronic Parts store, over on West 21st Street, and you'll see a signal for two ECHO's. There's only one, though.

ECHO 07: Pyre, located in the Garment District Safe House - Go to West 34th Street and 7th Avenue, and check the street over by the Electronic Parts store.

ECHO 08: Ground Zero, located in the Broadway Emporium - Finish up the Cleaners first, then check the store on the first level of the nearby building to find the ECHO.

ECHO 09: Supply Chain, located in Chelsea - Go south of your Base of Operations and look on the intersection between 8th Avenue and West 24th Street.(To be continued)

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