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Posted by John Smith on April 5th, 2016

Uber services are vastly popular in Australia, but there are quite a few other businesses that offer similar services and have gained a decent bit of attention. Each ride-sharing service competitor obviously has their own fair share of advantages and disadvantages, which we are going to get into in this article. (If you came to this article because your interest is in how much Uber driver’s make in Australia, go here)
GoCatch is another rideshare service in Australia that competes with Uber. With over 30,000 drivers and 310,000 riders, one can rightly say that it is a noteworthy organization. goCatch allows registered taxi drivers driving metered taxis to take fares via their app. In terms of cost, UberX is much cheaper than a regular taxi, as drivers supply their own vehicles and cover all their own costs. goCatch has a business model different from the Uber Business Model : goCatch drivers, drive official metered taxis, which means that the cost of it will be no different than hailing a cab.
Although you could think the fact that booking a ride is as simple  as a few taps on your cell phone screen means that they both do the same thing, they have their differences. While Uber keeps it professional and shows you an estimate of the fare you will need to pay before you finalise your booking, as well as an estimate of how long you will need to wait before your car arrives to pick you up, goCatch allows you to give drivers the incentive to pick you up by offering a tip when you send a ride request, in order to increase your chances of getting a ride quickly. However, the Australian Taxi Industry Association (ATIA) has said that the practice may be unfair to the riders who are not able to offer a tip.  This can be useful for people in busy cities. Both apps allow you to watch your ride approach, and they also give you the option of calling your driver, if necessary. In both apps, customers may provide immediate feedback in regard to any problems you may face during your ride.
Ingogo is also a ride-sharing application that is used in Australia. Just like other services, this application allows you to book and pay for a taxi via smartphone. Ingogo also allows drivers to book rides ahead of time. Not to forget, one good feature of Ingogo too, is that it allows passengers to send a text to drivers, call them, or even monitor them using a map that pinpoints their location. To ensure that passengers get the best, Ingogo has a pick-up guarantee that ensures that if a driver cancels your job and they’re unable to find you another one on time, you get a credit added to your account to use when next you are paying with the app.
Another ride-sharing application in Australia is called Backseat. With this application, you can simply select the pickup location and your destination in a manner that is similar to Uber, and the Backseat app will connect you with the closest available driver. The app will show you your driver's basic information, as well as pictures of the vehicle. Although Backseat is not yet as well known as Uber and other services, it is also a company that is slowly growing in popularity, making it a noteworthy competitor.
That sums up all the major competitors of Uber in Australia, and how they compare to Uber. After reading this, we assume that you now know enough about the competitors of Uber in Australia, and why they are considerable rivals!
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-by Ola John

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