Newbie Invention Useful Tips to Make cheap RS Gold- Useful Perks and Leveling Sp

Posted by accolac99 on April 6th, 2016

Invention skill has come to Runescape for quite a long time! Have you achieved the requirement to train Invention? If you answer is yes, you will want to gather enough RS gold to help you have a good start. Also you should learn some useful tips on how to train Invention efficiently. You may have heard that Invention is a expensive skill on Runescape, so hurry up to buy runescape gold on RSorder to help you make the most of the invention skill. Besides, here are our useful tips on how a train Invention.

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The most efficient way to train Invention
The most efficient way to train is to augment gear, level the gear up, then disassemble the leveled items to get xp from them. Here are the details steps:
1. Disassemble items to get the parts for an augmentor
2. Add the augmentor to a weapon/armour piece
3. Level up the weapon
4. Disassemble the weapon
5. Recharge energy pack (WTF IS AN ENERGY PACK? We'll cover that)
6. Question why you're doing this shit.
7. Repeat the above steps.

Useful perks and leveling spots
Ganos are pretty good for Invention. With the amount of flakes you get in a trip, you can basically just by the cheap armor from there for like 300gp or whatever and add the flakes to make ganodermic armor which is t75 so its basically free. Poly staves work alright as well, but the price of fires to charge them makes it still cost a bit. If you need RS gold when training Invention you can always buy RS gold cheap on RSorder. So what are the best spots right now? Sara GWD using crystal halberd is pretty common and Saradomin encmpment is a great spot.

Kill high level monsters for fastest Invention leveling
In order to level up Invention fast, you will also want to kill high level monsters:
Glacors (the best option if you try hard and are efficient).
Airuts on Mazcab with a dwarf cannon (high rank players’ best bet)
Tormented Demons (lesser killed monster but decent xp and profit).

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