5 Qualities a Day Care Must Have

Posted by will Lazar on April 6th, 2016

Day Care centers are a highly sought after service and a great addition to any local community or neighborhood due to the immense benefits they provide to a household. Families with young children, especially those where both parents actively work on a full-time basis rely on day care centers to provide adequate care for their children.

Now that we have established how important they are, we will highlight five qualities that every day care school should have. Parents should keep these points in mind when looking for such facilities.

1. Qualified Staff

This is an absolute must for a learning facility. It should staff qualified personnel both technical as well as non-technical. Teacher should have strong education background and sufficient teaching experience to supplement it. Experience is particularly important here because the students involved are very young. Visiting parents should ask the administration for information regarding teacher qualifications.

In addition to the teaching staff, day care centers should have good administrative, catering and janitorial staff on hand to handle all day to day operations with ease.

2. Spacious Furnished Facility

A child care facility must be spacious enough to accommodate a large number of children. It should have sufficient rooms all of which should be properly furnished and elegantly decorated to create a pleasant, calm and soothing environment for children to interact and learn. Parents should thoroughly inspect not only the classrooms but also the kitchen and the bathroom facilities. Due attention must also be given to the outdoors especially the playing area as the children will be spending a fair amount of time out there.

3. Convenient Location

Driving out of your way to pick and drop children is counter-productive and a waste of time. Unless there are no other options, parents should carefully factor in the location of the facility. A good institution should provide parents with the convenience of location. It should be located at a suitable distance from either work or home.

4. A Solid Curriculum

A very important feature that separates one educational institution from the other is a strong well planned, well balanced curriculum for its students. This is center of attention for many parents as they want the curriculum to have satisfactory emphasis on learning, sports, recreation and group activities.

5. Dedication and Devotion

These attributes will not be written anywhere but they will be reflected everywhere in a day care center that is committed towards its goals to providing children with quality educational services. As a general rule of thumb, if an institution has the above four qualities, then it its very likely to be devoted to its students and their parents.

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