How VoIP Service Providers are Helping Small Businesses Slash Costs at Sangoma

Posted by bought12 on April 6th, 2016

VoIP which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol is one of the biggest discoveries in the telecommunication industry. It is faster, cheaper and the experience is so much better than what we are used to with ordinary telephone call. The reason why VoIP is favoured by most people and businesses at Sangoma is it cost effectiveness. In this system the VoIP service provider allows you to get connected to its system and then allows you to make phone calls. VoIP Service Providers are much preferred for all types of businesses and most of the providers have tailor-made plans to suit the varied business requirements.

If you own a small business VoIP can help you greatly. Let’s look at the most significant benefits that VoIP can provide you:

This service at Sangoma allows you to have an auto-attendant with professional approach, at all times, to introduce your business and advise callers how to connect to the right person. Even though, your services and products are the same, even then you are most likely to influence the potential customer and seal the contract only because of the manner in which the first phone call was attended. It definitely helps create a long lasting positive impression about your business at the very first instance.

As against the large businesses, small businesses usually have limited network. Their penetration in the market is also low. But no longer is this going to be true. With VoIP Service Providers, small businesses can now expand in faraway markets. All they need to do is have their salespersons closely located to the markets of their interest and be connected through VoIP. Even a single salesman can work in the target market and connect to the main office through VoIP. There is no need to invest in regional offices as one can allow their employees to work from home. In this manner a small business with salesman located in different regions can easily penetrate the markets, and make progress in an organized manner.

Usually, small businesses at Sangoma have shortage of space and employees have to adjust seats. But, it often leads to problems as the phone extensions they use also change. With VoIP this problem is completely resolved. If an employee needs to move from one place to another, they can simply log off of the phone they were using and log into the phone where they have to sit. In this way they can carry the extension assigned to them wherever they move in the office. In this manner people within the office as well as customers will always be able to reach the concerned person and there would be no confusion and wastage of time.

One of the interesting facts about VoIP Service Providers is, their service can make use of the same path as used by the data of the company. The existing network can be easily used for VoIP calls, but with the fact in mind that the network should be strong enough to handle data as well as VoIP traffic.

And last but not the least, the cost. Since, the calls are not made through telephone networks; the usual cost does not apply. Also, the calls are not end to end and multiple calls can use the same path in the network which also cuts the cost, dramatically. Of course, the network should be able to support the requirements.

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