How a GPS Tracking Device can make calculating your field agent?s pay check easi

Posted by sunainaram on April 6th, 2016

If you’ve been managing a team of marketing agents or field agents, then you will definitely know that the few days before pay day can become really hectic and frustrating. It is really simply to calculate the monthly pay of employees working in the office. You simply have to calculate the number of days they took leave, subtract the loss of pay and/or advance they took and write the cheque. If it’s time for a bonus or an incentive, then the team manager will give you a clear account of the amount to be added. Calculating the pay for a regular employee is child’s play when compared to doing it for a sales executive or a technical field agent. The pay and the bonus is usually performance based. It means that you will be able to calculate the salary only if you know the actual work hours of the employee. How is it possible to do that when the employee is always on road and you don’t know how many hours of work they have put in? It is to solve this problem that many marketing-based companies in India use GPS tracking devices.

You can download the field staff tracking application on to a smartphone that can be carried by the field agent when he goes to meet the client or customer. The application can be customized according to your company’s needs and requirements. The field agent can report to work via the application. The job details can also be updated on the app so that the employee will know his work for the day. The application is GPS-based, which means the location and direction of movement can be tracked at any point of time. You can even configure the application to give you real-time updates of the employee movement.

This field staff tracking device will generate reports of the movement of the employee. Based on the reports, you will be able to check the time the agent spent at the client’s location, the time taken to travel and other details. Based on the data obtained from the reports, you will be able to judge the employee’s productivity and performance. As you have concrete reports generated by the mobile app, you don’t have to worry about tailored reports or misinformation from your employees. The best part of using this GPS tracker device India is that you will be able to justify rewarding the good performers and warning the poor performers.

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