Day nursery Petersfield: The importance of childhood education

Posted by jennycooper on April 6th, 2016

The developments that take place in a child during the early years will determine how successful they may become during later years. That is why those who are looking to place their child at day nursery Petersfield should not only be looking at the advantage of leaving their child in a safe place that allows them to go about their other duties. They should also consider what the child will be learning while they are at the nursery school Petersfield.

Many research studies have been done on that show that the first five years of a child’s life are the most important for their future success or failures. The time prior to kindergarten is the time during which all the skills that you will ever need to become a better person in the future are developed. Cognitive skills which are skills that help with areas of studies like maths and science and any other thing concerning academics are developed. Also character building skills such as problem solving and social skills are also being developed at this time.

The main benefit of allowing children to start learning early is that it helps them build on skills that help them in academics in the future. It has been shown through research studies that children who were enrolled in pre-kindergarten did better than those who did not receive any formal kind of training before they got into kindergarten. Also, those that attended starter programs like enrolling in a nursery school Petersfield learnt faster than those who did not.

It is said that the reason why children who went to day nursery do better is because they were given a chance to learn in an almost natural environment. Since children learn better when they are not forced to, nursery school provided a fun way to learn and develop since studying does not really form the majority of their day. Since, children’s nursery school settings are not pushed to learn and their teachers are very kind and understanding towards them, the less time they have to spend, learning is fun for them.

Another important aspect that must not be minimised is the development of social skills by the kids. When kids are placed in a day nursery Petersfield, they come in contact with other children and they create friends with whom they play with. Since these kids are exposed to working in groups at an early age, they are more likely to have their social skills well refined.

As has been shown, there are many advantages for children to be exposed to some form of education at an early age. It doesn’t matter whether this education is given formally like in a nursery school or informally, such as at home. What matters is that the child is helped to develop their cognitive and problem solving skills early in life. This will make them become better adults in the future.

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