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Posted by smotij on April 6th, 2016

Omg Temporary tattoos as well as our themed fake tattoos we specialise in producing personalised tattoos particularly popular with corporates, marketing agencies and sporting clubs.

Corporate businesses tend to use temporary tattoos as part of client packs they would put together for clients also used in training packs for employees to identify them in which groups they are placed. Also used as I.D entry to certain events.

Marketing agencies can be a great user of temporary or fake tattoos, having many clients with their varying events and festivals they are a fantastic at coming up with imaginative ideas on how to use and where to apply the fake tattoos.

Every year there are so many events festivals and parties happening that we find marketing agencies are always searching to make there event a bit different and special from everybody else’s event, temporary fake tattoos are definitely a great way of adding that special feeling to an event. I’m constantly amazed with the different ways that temporary tattoos are used through agencies and with hundreds if not thousands of agencies around I see a lot of great ideas every week.

Sporting Clubs usually have several main uses for temporary tattoos. 4)
For game day events either during the home and away season or what has been more popular recently is the use of fake tattoos during finals and special events.
Also as mentioned in section 1 they are very popular for special events such as end of season medal presentation as well as mid-season pie nights etc.
The third way fake tattoos are used by sporting clubs is for fundraising usually a gold coin donation is asked.

Schools tend to use temporary tattoos for their annual fetes as a fund raiser for themselves, with very successful results.

We at OMG Temporary Tattoos are more than happy to help you with organising your next event whether you are a Corporate, Marketing agency, Sporting Club or School all you need to do is contact us via our website or just pick up the phone and call us on (03) 9417 4512 And we will be able to help you organise your next event function or fundraiser.

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