How to configure router with IP address

Posted by Jessica Parker on April 6th, 2016

Linksys routers are also using this same IP address to connect to several other devices that are connected on the network. Users who like to configure their Linksys router have to type in the address field of the web browser that may be either chrome or Firefox. They should see a web page with router information which will also ask them to enter username and password. If they see any other pages, they have to check if their router device is connected to the computer via cable or if Wi-Fi feature is enabled on the computer to get connect to the network.

How to repair common router problems

Problems in Linksys routers could be easily solved by performing the following actions.

  • First check if the router is running or turned on.
  • Check if the computer has a wireless or wired connection to the routing device.
  • Next, check if the router light is blinking or turned on. Users can check out the manual given by the router manufacturer to see what every state means.
  • Users have to make sure the router is connected to the DSL or cable modem.
  • Users who are using Wi-Fi feature to get connected to the router should ensure that the computer or mobile phone is linked to the wireless network of router. They can perform this easily and quickly by checking if the wireless network is managed or handled by the router. They can simply turn off the router and find which network disappears or fades off from the list of wireless network.
  • Users can also check if they can see the admin interface of router by typing the link in their web browser’s address bar.

Looking up the router IP address or default gateway

People who are not sure about their router’s default gateway or IP address and who do not see the router admin page at the above link should understand that the router is not configured with IP address. If you like to lookup the IP address of your router, you can follow these instructions in case you are using windows computer.

  • Choose the options at start menu in the order; all programs, accessories and command prompt.
  • A command prompt window will open and you have to type the command ipconfig | findstr /i “gateway”.
  • Then you will get a prompt similar to the following codes.

C:\Documents and settings\administrator>

Ipconfig | findstr /i “gateway” default gateway….

If you are using Mac OS, you can follow these steps.

  • Open the terminal app by clicking on finder, applications, utilities and respectively in the order.
  • Type the command netstat –nr | grep default in the opened window.
  • The output will be similar to the following codes default UGSc 50 46 en1

People have to do these steps to find out the IP address used by the router.

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