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Posted by Jessica Parker on April 6th, 2016

Usually, this kind of IP address is used as a default IP to the routers that might be modified and used again and again. It is a one type of specific IP address that can be often used in the default gateway. However, this particular IP address is much hassle free for the users to use more effectively. Once you use this IP address, your router is capable to attain any task as easy as possible. Among many other internet protocol versions, this specific IP address is only constructed for non-public, i.e. private use exclusively. Today, most of the wireless router manufacturers are using IP and implemented as default.

In order to edit your wireless router configuration settings, you just enter the specific IP address in the address bar on your chosen web internet browser. Now, you look at the own router guide and do search to obtain the default username and password. Once you gain access to the specific configuration options, you can change or modify the default username and password. Even, you can use this IP address on any router, personal computer or local area networking system based on your needs. The same default IP address is not only used for a single machine but also use the same address in many devices. In addition, you can also gain the wireless router setup controls through this IP address, which permits you to change several options like alter LAN options, basic safety and even customize the account information.

Learn more about IP address

The IP address is a unique private number that is often assigned to a computer for connecting to the internet. There are wide ranges of IP addresses available that lies in the range to This kind of IP address is often used by the router manufacturers that are only available for use within the private networks. Even many people can be used for the purpose of default gateway in the home router and also reset the ID set for their device. The great thing about default IP address can permit the users have a freedom to access the router’s administrative console in order to change the IP address. If you want to access the administrative console, you just access it in the following way like

Benefits of IP address

  • Basically, the is to set as the default IP that can possible to use any type of router brand and make use of it hassle free.
  • The users can also use the default IP address in any system that connected to the LAN.
  • When you are using this IP, it is very important to check the specific IP address is already used by any other system or router, for avoiding the conflicts.
  • It can also be accessed to any number of times repeatedly even on a single device.

The default IP address is very essential to be familiar with for setting up LAN or using routers.

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