The Division: Where to Find General ECHOs Ⅲ

Posted by Ople Asension on April 7th, 2016

ECHO 19: Missing, located in the Flatiron District - Go east of Park Avenue and south of East 23rd Street, and look in the alley. Check for some photos and body bags and the ECHO will be nearby.

ECHO 20: Buskers, located in the Flatiron District - Go to Union Square (close to East 15th street) and look for folks playing some music.

ECHO 21: Snowball, located in Stuyvesant - Look for four apartment buildings north of the Weapons Parts spot, and look for a couple of kids playing nearby.

ECHO 22: Shepherd, located in Clinton - Go to West 4th Street, close to 9th Avenue, and look right outside the front door of a nearby church.

ECHO 23: Clinic, located in Hell's Kitchen - Go to 9th Avenue, West 42nd Street and West 43rd Street and look for the clinic.

ECHO 24: Due Process, located in Clinton - Look for the police station that has Weapons Parts, over by 8th Avenue and West 53rd Street.

ECHO 25: Hostile Takeover, located in Times Square - Go to West 46th Street and West 45th Street, close to Broadway, and go west from the Dark Zone.

ECHO 26: Shortcut, located in Chelsea - Go east of Camp Hudson along West 23rd Street and West 22nd Street, and be on the lookout for a broken fence.

ECHO 27: Workshop, located in the Napalm Production Site - Take on Joe Ferro, the leader of the Cleaners, and look for the ECHO after you're done.

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