California red sided garter snake for sale

Posted by articlelink01 on April 8th, 2016

Pets have always been there in people’s houses since man learnt that animals can be tamed and controlled if handled correctly. The use of pets has been there in photographs and even in the Arabian stories. With time, man understood that almost every creature can be kept as a pet and therefore, nowadays any creature, be it a dog, or a cat, or a guinea pig or even a snake can be found in houses as pets. Snakes, one of the deadliest and most feared creatures can be kept as pets and it is because humans have learnt how to handle them.

The California red sided garter snake for sale can be found in farmlands, grasslands, chaparrals, woodlands and forests and they are generally found in California. There is a new species of them as well which can be located in Santa Clara. These snakes are ideal if you are thinking about owning a garter snake as your most loved pet as because they are effortlessly slimy and insanely calm and composed. The California red sided garter snake has got three variants which are namely, Thamnophis Sirtalis Tetrataenia, Thamnophis Sirtalis Fitchi and Thamnophis Sirtalisi Infernalis and of course which are the scientific names.

This snake is like any other pet as it has got a lot of potency of having a member of your family. They live under the sun lamp with a max temperature of around 35 Celsius and can be fed vitamin supplements and fishes. The young guns can be fed earthworm or baby mice. The most important key which you need to remember is that they need food and comfortable surroundings to survive without any sort of hassles or problems.  They feed on larvae, fishes, poisonous creatures, amphibians, slugs, leeches, birds and tadpoles as well.

The breeding season of these snakes is generally autumn and spring and they give birth to baby snakes who look almost the same as the parent. The female snakes are longer than the males and the males being slender. The average length of a full grown California red sided garter snake for sale is 100 cm if it’s a female and around 75 cm if it’s a male. The snakes are good swimmers and hide themselves whenever they feel the presence of any predator around. They also secrete malodorous musky cloacal fluids when they feel threatened.

The initial days can be a bit tough as they are new to your house and the surroundings are way different than their natural habitat and hence they might strike and discharge the musky secretion sometimes. Never to worry as because they get habituated to different situations very easily and again keeping them as pets won’t be a problem after some days.

So, points to remember before going for the California red sided garter snake for sale

üEats mice, birds, fish and tadpoles.

üNeeds some time to get oriented to your habitat.

üBreeds in spring and autumn.

Good swimmers and secrete musky fluids like any other snake.

The Types of turtles breeds must be understood if you want an amphibian among your family and the California red sided garter snake for sale must be handled carefully in the initial days as they are as problematic as any other snake around. So, keep calm and keep a California red garter snake at your place!

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