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Posted by johnerickson on April 8th, 2016

Walk-in freezers are enclosed storage space largely used for refrigeration of bakery items, beverages, meat, food stuffs, pharmaceutical supplies and other items that require cold storage. They are larger than the domestic and other commercial refrigerators, and can be walked into. Available in different sizes, these freezers are specifically designed for outdoor applications. They find extended uses in restaurants, hotels, dairies, and food & beverage industry.

Design, Construction and Features

They are fully insulated with high grade polyurethane foam. The foam insulation provides more thermal resistance. In many walk-in coolers and freezers, small pieces of wood or plywood are used in doors. In a permanently moist environment, wood is likely to deteriorate, bend and expand after some time. This requires replacement of doors every few years, and increases the freezer’s maintenance cost. If you buy foster coolers and freezes, you don’t need to worry about anything because they don’t use wooden parts inside the doors. They also have 3/16" aluminum diamond plate on the floor, which is strong enough to support 750 lbs/sqft. These coolers and freezers are manufactured using the heaviest metal and 26-gauge galvanized steel sheets. Increasing demand of walk-in coolers and freezers in the market remains directly attributable to their durable body structure, spacious interiors, corrosion resistance, non-interrupted functionality and low maintenance.


Most people think that walk-in coolers and freezers function the same as regular refrigerators do. But, the fact is that these cooling systems work in an entirely different way. Regular refrigerators use the freezer generated cold air to keep the food chilled. Walk-in coolers, on the other hand, generate the low temperature using a series of fans and contenders. The fans in the cooler automatically turned on and off to keep the temperature constant. The technology used in these coolers is more or less similar to one used in air conditioners. Thermostats also play a crucial role in these types coolers. They are installed to control the temperature. Another essential component used in these coolers is condenser, which keeps the temperature constant when it reaches beyond the set point.

If you own this type of cooler, someday you must be on a store to buy walk-in freezer & cooler parts. Like other heating and cooling systems, walk-in coolers also require substantial maintenance, repair, and replacement of certain parts at times to function at their best. Is your cooler working properly? If not, it’s time to give it instant repair.

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