Some Of The Best Ways To Check Your Website's Health

Posted by Mike on August 1st, 2021

The quality of your web design impacts your website’s search engine ranking, and according to recent stats, almost 40% of people usually quit a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Broken links or sites that don't show properly on mobile devices can also lead to a bad user experience, which can affect sales. Such technical problems could be contributing to your slow online performance. But, how would you figure out exactly what's wrong?

In this article, you will get to know some of the best ways to check your website's health. You can try them to boost your website’s performance. Moreover, you can hire a trustworthy web design company (ADWEB STUDIO) to create a flawless website with great health.

Some Of The Best Ways To Check Your Website's Health:

Now, let us discuss these ways in detail so that you can use them to check your website’s health:

  1. Use Page Speed Test Tools To See How Quick Your Website Is:

Begin by determining how rapidly your web pages load. Use free tools, like Google's Page Speed Test tool to check this. Simply enter your website URL and click the ANALYZE button.

Google will offer a results page with your score for both desktop and mobile platforms in a matter of seconds. It also highlights faults that need to be addressed and assigns a score to your overall user experience. This is crucial information to share with your web designer. Another free and simple-to-use option is Pingdom.

  1. Use The Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool To See If Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly:

With mobile devices accounting for more than a third of all internet searches and mobile ownership exceeding 70%, your website must be mobile-friendly. Use Google Developers Mobile-Friendly Test tool to verify this.

Simply enter your URL and hit the 'Analyze' button. The findings will show you whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. If your website isn't mobile-friendly, you're losing out on a lot of potential purchases, and that's a reality. "If a site isn't mobile-friendly, people are five times more likely to abandon it." – said Google.

  1. Get A Security And SEO Score For Your Website:

Now that you've evaluated your page speed and mobile compatibility, you might be interested in learning more about SEO or web security. Website Grader is a free audit tool developed by Hubspot. The interface is basic and user-friendly once again.

Simply type in your website address and hit the 'Get Your Answer' button. The software evaluates your site and provides you with a score breakdown for performance, mobile, SEO, and security in seconds. If your site has a low score, it is recommended to discuss this information with your professional web developer to better know the problems before working to resolve them.

  1. Double-Check Your Links; Broken Links Are A Major Problem:

Broken links are another serious threat to your website's health. A link leads your visitors to more relevant pages on your website or another website's external page. Google crawls your site from time to time to figure out what it is and how to index it in their search results pages.

The quality of your internal and external linkages is one of the primary elements they assess. Without getting too technical, too many broken links are a red flag for search engines like Google, and they can lower your page rank, which can damage your sales. To swiftly assess the broken link, use a free broken link checking tool.

  1. Use Google Analytics To Learn More About Your Website's Performance:

Google Analytics Tool provides you with a plethora of data that can be used to keep your website in top shape. It is, however, difficult to utilize and is best suited to skilled web developers and digital marketers who are familiar with how to interpret the findings.

You may get critical statistics on your online traffic, site performance, page loading times, and information on your best and worst-performing pages in your analytics account. Google Search Console is another alternative for a health check. This program is likewise free. Hence, it is geared toward seasoned web developers.

The Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, the above guidelines are helpful for you to know how to check your website's health. Follow the ways mentioned above to ensure your website’s overall health. Nevertheless, if you are willing to update your website for better performance, you can contact a Professional Web Design Company Dubai.

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