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Posted by Danyking on April 9th, 2016

Have you got your Legendary Ring in Warlord of Draenor? If not, hurry up with cheap wow gold on safewow. Now this is the last chance to pay your effort into it. Blizzard has announced that Legendary Ring quest will be removed from World of Warcraft when Legion launches.

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Legendary Ring won’t be obtainable in WOW Legion

Recently, a new announcement on blue post has thrown cold water on World of Warcraft fans who are excited about the daily updated Legion Alpha information - the Legendary Ring quest will be unavailable when Legion releases this summer. What make people even sadder is that the reason to remove these quests is not because of technology, but because Blizzard wants them to become a status symbol, “a permanent point of recognition of all of your character's time and effort in Warlords of Draenor”.
Kinda pity, but if you haven’t earned the legendary ring and still want to get it, make sure to start it before pre-patch, and complete before Legion. According to the official reply, the pre-patch will prevent players from starting the quest line if they are not already on it, while those who are in progress should finish before Legion launches, otherwise, it will be locked and deleted. Thus, now it is good time to begin. Just buy safe and cheap wow gold on safewow to help you speed up more!

Care more about losing the story, or the Legendary?

It is sad news that you won’t be able to enjoy the experience in the future, the lore, the voice acting, the quest objectives, and even the exploration of world where necessary to acquire these items...No matter what you really care about, the story, or the Legendary ring itself, it seems not so important. However, people who care more about the storyline suggested that Blizzard leaves the quest in game but gives other items as rewards, such as coins, gold, or so. Would it hint there is still a chance of keeping the quest? Hope Blizzard consider this after receiving so many feedbacks.

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