Reviewing the Blackstone labs growth product for bodybuilders

Posted by BrianMiller on April 9th, 2016

For a few years now, Blackstone Labs has produced very functional and effective products for the bodybuilders. It has multiple successful products, including the blackstone labs growth.  This is a clinically proven formula that will naturally increase your growth hormone production in just a few minutes. It is just as effective as the famous blackstone labs pct v product.

Taken in form of a pill, the blackstone labs growth has no rival. You cannot even find an Over-The-Counter product that works this great with regard to natural production of growth hormone. Blackstone Labs makes frank claims that its Growth product works. This product causes a number of changes in the body when taken religiously and one of these is that it triggers production of new muscle tissue and causes muscle repair. This is important because every bodybuilder needs to quickly grow new muscles and heal the hurt ones so they could keep doing what they do best.

The next things it does is that it causes rapid reduction of body fat, boosts your energy levels, improves your sleep patterns, builds stronger and firm bones, ligaments and tendons and boosts the appearance of your skin, nails and hair. In addition to these, this product is claimed to have the ability to enhance the appearance of your body muscles and to promote your libido.  But how does it work?  Just like the blackstone labs pct V product, the Growth product’s working mechanism is simple.

But this does not mean the way it works is not backed by enough scientific research.  Instead of having a bio-available form of L-Dopa, the Growth product boasts a totally new compound that is almost the same. It is none other than I-C(1-carboxy-2-amino-3-pyrobenzol, and it is extremely good at its work. As we all might know, L-Dopa was once very trendy yet it failed totally to deliver on its promises. I-C, the current L-Dopa derivative, allows increased production of natural HGH by triggering the release of more dopamine.  

Perhaps you think that Growth is yet another HGH supplement hype product that does not work. If you tried HGH supplements in vain your fear is fully understandable, but you should try the blackstone labs growth. It is more helpful and its ability to release HGH is felt after the pill is swallowed. If you check online, you will find many other users who claim the same thing.  Growth  offers the so-called 4-(Pyridine-3-carbonylamino)butanic acid that is usually effective at improving mood, mental sharpness and focus, anxiety, stress, and irritability. Hence, the 4-(Pyridine-3-carbonylamino)butanic acid is something that makes people feel good.  

Valerian Root Extract is also another helpful ingredient in the Growth supplement. Its work is to enhance the quality of sleep and to increase the level of relaxation. Piperine arouses the work of amino-acid transmitters in the intestinal lining, decreases production of glucuronic acid and blocks release of p-glycoprotein that gets rid of things from body cells. It also entails Urtica dioica, which keeps testosterone from turning to DHT. Then it has Melatonin for regulating sleep patterns and vitamin D3 for better bone health. It is just as successful as the blackstone labs pct v supplement.

Are you looking for genuine blackstone labs growth supplements for improving your energy, libido and mood as you naturally build testosterone? Buy discounted blackstone labs pct v improved formula and watch your body change as you desire.

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