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Posted by Swayam India on April 11th, 2016

Bags are the essential part of our schooling and college days. A matter of utility for everybody, they make our complicated lives a little bit unruffled. As our lives in today`s time is expanded to a vast horizon, that travelling for our careers, studies, work has become mandatory. Our leisure activities also involve us to travel to places for our enjoyment. Whether it’s a shopping expedition or attending lectures, these satchels help us carrying our world with us around the globe.

Although we splurge heavily when buying totes, but we often tend to ignore them as time passes by. We take them for granted thinking they are going to sustain for long considering their durability. Whether it is a chic tote, elegant messenger, or a funky backpack, they all need to be taken care of. Apart from paying attention to their durability and sustainability, it is essential to focus on their aftercare also.

Being the best accomplice they protect our valuables and help us in carrying them wherever we want to take them. When we use them regularly, sooner or later, signs of wear and tear begin to show up. Their bright colors and vibrant design begins to fade off as the dust and stain settles down on their surface. After investing much time, money and energy to acquire that perfect bag, it is advisable to take proper care of your purse, so that they continue to serve you for longer period time.

To begin with, try to avoid keeping your adorable bag on the floor. As the floor is a nest to various germs, dust and bacteria, it is recommended to keep your totes and purses off the ground. If you carry a messenger or tote that is made of leather, you can protect their surface by spraying them with rain and stain repellant. There are various products available in the market to safeguard your valuable bags from stain and accidental spill of other liquids. Always store them by stuffing a generous amount of newspaper leaves inside them to preserve their original shape. Cover them with dust bags before placing them inside your wardrobe so as to prevent mold.

Although the market is brimming with various options, you can buy college bags online from Swayam India that offers a great variety of bags from satchels to totes in funky designs and elegant patterns.

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