Is The Home Filtration Of Tap Water Drinkable

Posted by Vanness on August 3rd, 2021

Kevin: So why don't we tell everyone a little bit about who you are and why you're on this call and some of your history with water and the environment.

Since our water treatment plants, for the most part at least, weren't designed to filter out these chemicals, they end up in our tap water. Everything from antibiotics to pain killers like ibuprofen and codeine to hormones to sun screen to cancer chemotherapy drugs to anti-depressants-- and anything else you can think of can be found in our water.

There are also Pharmaceuticals that can be bought over the counter that can be bought that can be able to relieve the pain that is being felt. There are many different kinds that can be chosen it is up to a person to find which one is the one that will work for them. Caution is needed when using any kind of pharmaceuticals at all. There are potential side effects that can be associated with the use of them.

Adding to our openness to the wonders of modern science and technology are extreme makeovers with plastic surgery, personal trainers liposuction, and bone alteration. The results are phenomenal in most cases. If their agents can be trusted, they happen in less than sixty days and their results are supposedly lasting. The only trouble is that their cost is excessive and not covered by insurance.

If you're not familiar with chelation therapy... it's a treatment dating back to the beginning of the last century. Chelation comes from the Greek for "claw" because of it's ability to claw away at the inside of people's arteries. It involves an intravenous of chemicals like nicotinic acid, phosphate or ethanol that "scrub" away at the walls of the vessels as the blood carries it through.

You need to know how this system works and what it cannot do for you so that you can decide not to buy this system. But before you do that you need to know what is in the water system these days.

You can learn about some relaxation techniques by visiting websites. Many of the websites people visit have detailed information of how these can be done and applied in a person's daily life. There are many places that provide information that will help guide you in this direction.

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