In What Manner Would I Be Able To Change My Eye Shading?

Posted by PARTIK on April 13th, 2016

their blue eyes receive high acclaims? Why are the blue eyes synonymous with beauty? Are brown eyes unpleasant looking? Truly speaking, the reason behind this attitude of the world cannot be explicitly explained. Perhaps, it is thought so as only a handful of people across the globe are endowed with blue eyes. Whatever is the reason, what is unarguably accepted by almost everyone is that the blue eyed people stand out of the rest of the herd.

Is there a way to change the brown eyes to blue? If yes, how can I change my eye color? Many of the people may often ponder over the possibilities of changing the eye color. There was a time when such transformations were out of imagination. However, nothing has remained impossible in modern days. The medical science has constantly advanced, and the procedure of changing the eye color has been is not at all a tough task. Yes, in the initial stages, changing the eye color was considered to be the privilege of the rich and affluent. However, in modern days, it has become a possibility even for the laymen.

Can eye color be changed? Such question may often seem to be obsolete to most modern men. In the twenty first century, it has become a matter of day to day business. Yes, in the initial stages, the people looked at it with somewhat suspicious attitude, but that happens with almost all the new medical advancements. However, the procedure of changing the eye color has now been well accepted by the people across the globe. There is no fear of short or long term side effects. The procedure of changing eye color has now gained the trust of the people almost everywhere.

There are two main procedures of changing eye color. For temporary eye color, the use of the contact lenses. Made of thin, biocompatible and flexible medical grade silicone, brightocular contact lenses have become very much popular. These lenses are implanted on the surface of the iris. These are available in various colors and the color of the lenses changes the appearances of the eyes. The people desiring to have blue eyes can choose and use the lenses with blue colors. Likewise, there are various other color options such as sea green, ice gray, olive green, ice gray with limbal ring, and smokey gray etc.

Another way of changing the eye color is through laser surgery. The eyes get the appearance due to the melanin at the anterior of the iris. Through laser surgery, the brown melanin or the pigment is removed. The eyes then look naturally blue. The eyes may take some time to get the blue color, but they will turn blue for sure. For the people desiring to have the naturally blue eyes on the permanent basis, the procedure of laser surgery is the best way.


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