Selling Your Business? Hire a Merger and Acquisition Company in NJ and Rest Easy

Posted by Zuliana Dsouz on April 13th, 2016

When it comes to selling your business, there’s no second time. Once you’ve completed the deal and shaken hands on it, you can’t go back asking for a “fairer price”. That is why hiring the services of a professional intermediary will hold you in good stead. In fact, the decision to hire a business broker in New York will be the difference between a transaction that is successful and one that is not.

If you are wondering, “How to know my business worth value”, business brokers are just the people for you. As their business valuation client, you will receive a well-defined valuation process that considers everything from income, market conditions and assets. These brokers will remain independent, objective and give you opinions and suggestions that will help you take the right decisions. This is how their comprehensive six-phase process works:

Phase I – The Preliminary Steps: The brokers discuss the details of the business with principals to ensure that they completely understanding the objectives and purpose of the business valuation.

Phase II – Requesting a Proposal: As they gain a complete understanding of your objectives, the brokers provide an oral fee quote and a written valuation summary.

Phase III – Data Gathering: In this step, the brokers look to compile information about your company through detailed questionnaires, shareholder interviews, and financial documents review.  This enables them to better achieve the valuation objective and support their valuation conclusions better.  This step requires a full understanding of the financial statements and any required making adjustments in various places.

Phase IV – Research and Analysis: This phase involves analysis of company documents, financial statements, tax returns, operational information, intangibles, risk factors and other data.  The brokers research the economic factors, industry trends and influences, potential risk factors and completed public and private comparable industry transactions.  They then prepare financial statements for tax purposes, as they look to move into the latter stages of business valuation.

Phase V – Valuation Prep: Brokers prepare reports that include a comprehensive presentation of the specific business risk factors, a detailed description of the company and its market positioning, and a review and assessment of the prevailing economic conditions and trends in the specific industry.

Phase VI – Management Review: The final draft of the report is presented, and subsequently reviewed by the management. The brokers thoroughly explain the valuation to the clients and the associated advisors to ensure a thorough understanding of its conclusions. If required, they will make required revisions to the draft and then issue the final report.

With such a comprehensive valuation of your company, the only stop for you is contacting merger and acquisition companies in NJ, who will provide you with the right valuations and opinions and aid you in the process of business sale.

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