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Posted by Araik Zohrabyan on April 13th, 2016

Forex trading platforms can be handy when you want to trade in forex and CFDs. They come in different types, but if you want to be a better trader, then you should invest in a professional trading platform like NetTradeX. Created in 2006, NetTradeX has served thousands of traders around the world. It is reliable, easy to use, and easy to learn, and traders find it ideal for technical analysis and creating PCIs (personal composite instruments), the platform's most crucial feature. With this trading platform, you can make your own new trading instruments.

Features of NetTradeX

NetTradeX has a terminal that supports automatic trading, so you can create your own utilities, indicators, and experts. You can run it on iOS, Windows, and Android, on either desktop or mobile, making it convenient to use anywhere. There is no need to have multiple accounts on this platform. A single account gives you access to both CFD and forex markets. The forex and CFD trading software supports both pending and market orders, server-side trailing stop mode, and OCO, so you can implement all trading strategies on the trading software.

With a professional function and a flexible design, NetTradeX offers the most convenient forex and CFD trading environment. PCI technology lets professional traders make their own trading instruments. Likewise, it lets them thoroughly analyze various instruments, trade those instruments with other traders, and find correlations between the unique instruments they made. This way, traders can find new cross rates, stock portfolio, currency indexes, portfolios for trading pairs, and many others.

Trade from your desktop

NetTradeX PC lets you trade in all major financial markets. You can open positions regardless of volume, lock and balance trading, execute deals instantly, trail stop on the server side, and automate trading using the built-in language NTL+ from your PC. Unlike other trading platforms, NetTradeX lets you make your own financial instruments based on various available assets. It may provide the opportunity to obtain a new cross rate from the available currencies.

Trade from your mobile device

NetTradeX can run on Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile so you can perform all the administrative and basic trading functionality of the full desktop platform. On mobile, the platform lets you open real and demo accounts, open or close trading positions with ease, remove and/or place orders, and track balances in real time. NetTradeX displays live quotations and price charts, as well as the trading and order history.

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