Bank Of America Credit Card Special Programs

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Partnered With Hundreds

Bank of America credit cards are available from nearly 400 organizations, companies, and credit providers; there is a style for every person and for every degree of credit worthiness.

Charitable Foundations

Many charitable foundations have Bank of America credit cards with their logos on them which contribute a percentage of the cards spending to the cause as part of their reward program. Habitat for Humanity, Make-A-Wish, and The Humane Society of the US are some examples of the Bank of America credit cards.

Professional Organizations

Professional organizations also lend their signet to Bank of America Credit cards; these credit cards provide the holder with such benefits as no annual fees, low annual percentage rate, and career oriented rewards such as redeemable points for all money spent using the card, bonus points for traveling expenses, and unique gifts to spend points on.

Military Credit Cards

Bank of America credit cards for military personnel provide specialized credit services for ever branch of the United States military; the benefits of these cards include no annual fees, zero or low annual percentage rates, and great travel rewards with no limitations for times of use.

Outdoor Sports And Recreation

For people who love nature, Bank of America credit cards are available for most people?s wildlife passion; some participating members include American Quarter Horse Association, Great Wolf Lodge, and the Kentucky Derby.

Also national sporting good stores and outdoor hobbies have credit cards available; these cards will donate money to the organization the card represents when new accounts are opened and when the cardholder spends using the card; these cards also offer platinum benefits like redeemable point rewards and low account maintenance fees.

Sports And Travel
The Major League Baseball, Bank of America credit card is one of the special sports fan credit cards the company offers; these cards give the entire benefits one would expect from a platinum credit card plus special bonuses just for sports fans.

Travel rewards cards partner with such companies as Sandals and Beaches to bring frequent travelers specialized reward programs; the Bank of America credit card holders will enjoy extra miles earning on certain purchases and easy to obtain travel rewards, just by using their credit card.

Other Services

In addition to platinum credit cards, Bank of America credit cards are available to people with all grades of credit; Bank of America has secured credit cards, student credit cards, classic credit cards, and gold credit cards.

Bank of America offers credit cards from Visa, Master Card, and American Express to give its customers one of the largest selections of any national bank.

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