Why is React Native App Development Growing among Developers

Posted by Jane Brewer on August 4th, 2021

One of the popular frameworks, React Native, lets you build native mobile apps with the help of JavaScript. For any framework, we need to have a program for your mobile app using Swift/Obj-C (for iOS) and Java (for Android). However, React Native cut down the need and calls for the highly functional apps on both platforms in relatively less time and using simply one individual coding language.

Do you think that React Native is an entirely new invention? You're mistaken. This platform was developed by a social media company a few years ago.

Both React Native and ReactJS are great efforts of Facebook. It was Facebook who first created React to build the social platforms. After more development, Facebook released ReactJS for the internet as an open-source. No doubt, Facebook was struggling with its mobile app. They were required to keep two codebases: one made for iOS and another for Android. Top features executed in Swift on iOS had to be unbalanced apps.

React Native has quickly solved that problem.

Come back to the stand of ReactJS, the main idea behind React Native was to serve the formation of the mobile apps. It's quite easy: if you can code an app if in JavaScript and position it both to iOS and Android, life can turn quickly.

So, next time, if you are using the official Facebook app on iOS or Android, you will come across to observe the React Native work out.

How important is React Native according to the market share?

React Native is increasing fame as a convenient solution to form cross-platform mobile apps with less tension on the budget.

The new statistics speak about the importance of the App Store and Google Play Store here. For example, in the list of the top 500 apps, more than 15% of the downloaded apps are built with React Native.

Why use React Native?

For years, React Native app development was expected to be a commercial solution. It wasn't settled or supported adequately to create "native-like" apps.

However, the time has changed now. React Native is getting popular with community assistance and gaining more share of the market. Things are getting flexible and straightforward to make amazing apps with the help of React Native—and the eCommerce world is taking attention.

Well Tried and Trustworthy

Social media platform Facebook built React Native keeping in mind an excellent mobile app for their social website. Moreover, you've used the phone through the Facebook mobile app. Do you find the feeling of a native app? Indeed, it works similarly. However, React Native has moved into an open-source, more companies have definite to bet on it and make their mobile apps in the right way.

Here, go through to the list of the apps working on the platform of react-native

·    FacebookSkype

·    Tesla

·    Instagram

·    Bloomberg

·    Walmart

·    Discord

Individual codebase required for two platforms

A single codebase is required to work on both iOS and Android with the help of React Native. And it doesn't simply "work"—it assembles to Swift code and native Java. Moreover, React Native creates a bridge between the web UI components and additional native Java/Swift equivalents.

If you have a software project, you can consider React Native app development services that work efficiently for two platforms. There is no need to coordinate features and layouts. You develop quickly and can find more out of the budget.

Use a language you are familiar with

There is no need for expert knowledge for the creation of React Native apps. There are possibilities that you have somebody in your team who is aware of the program in JavaScript, conceivably even in ReactJS. JS developers are just easier to discover compared to developers with skills in Swift or Java.

However, if the frontend developer has never utilized the React Native, with some self-education, they can get up to rapidity very speedily, mainly if they've used React previously. All you essential is a little time googling to discover which web components agreed with which mobile parts—and you're fixed.

Things are Getting Better with Time

React Native is working under active growth. The online world and new companies are regularly working on the betterments of the framework. So if you are facing some difficulties now, possibly find the right solution within few months.

A good time-saver web app solution for all

If, you have a ReactJS web app, the frontend code can be quickly shared in web and mobile for development.

The app lets you personalize things completely. It can have custom content as per the location and is interested in monitoring its portfolios. Taking expert advice from the team can be beneficial for you and calls for positive results.

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