How Animated Video Can Help Your Business Grow In East Sussex

Posted by Big Bridge Media on April 14th, 2016

Promoting a business is never easy, especially if it is small and facing a lot of competition in the market. In most cases, you would have to consider pricey solutions that can only deliver results in a shorter period of time. The good news is, there are cost-effective ways to easily promote your business in Sussex. Why don’t you try creating an animated video? An animated marketing video makes sense for small businesses and start-ups in East Sussex because it aids in increasing their online visibility, which may result in generating more leads, increase conversion rates, and improve sales. Here are four ways by which an animated video can help your business grow:

1.    Increase online visibility.

Search engines consider the amount of time visitors spend in your website. With an animated video, you can make visitors spend more time in your pages, so Google and other search engines can consider them worthy of interest, resulting in a higher ranking under the keywords you have chosen. Moreover, having an animated video is a good way to be present in YouTube—one of the world's biggest search engines. With strategic SEO, your video can help boost the chances of your business being found easily online.

2.    Tell people about your product, service, or business in a few seconds.

You have only a few seconds to entice someone to learn about you and explain your idea to them. Animated videos can retain your audience's attention much better than when you make them read a brochure. Even if it takes two minutes for them to watch an animated explainer video, they are still likely to retain more information about your business and what you have to offer through it.

3.    Branding

An animated video can help promote your brand in an entertaining and fun manner that can stick to the minds of your audience. Animated characters, colourful scenarios, background music, and voice talents all work together to create an enthralling animated business video that is unique to the personality or characteristics of your brand.

4.    Increase conversion

Videos can easily explain an idea in a few seconds, enabling more people to understand what you have to offer to them. As a result, visitors to your website should be more convinced to buy from you, resulting in higher conversions. An animated explainer video, for instance, may help boost conversions by up to 20 percent on an average.

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This article is written by Paul Bridges, the Creative Director of Big Bridge Media. Big Bridge Media is a creative video agency that offers services like animation, video editing, branding, and logo designing, visual effects. They offer their services for both big and small businesses. They have also worked for companies like Pile Tech, Lincolns Family Law, and Home Heat.

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