Ebike battery- Why You Shouldn't Completely Discharge Them

Posted by fthpower on August 4th, 2021

In recent times, the trend of ebike has been increased. In fact, it has gained a massive popularity amongst people. As a fact of the matter, when you are thinking to choose the best ebike, you will have to ensure that you opt for the right one. But before selecting the best ebike, considering the best Ebike battery is also significant.


If you are thinking about buying or building your own electric bike, then number of things you will have to know to help make maximize the life of your expensive battery pack. DOD or depth of discharge is one of these things.

Knowing about the ebike battery

While calculating how much battery capacity you require for the distance you will want to travel on the bike, you need only plan on discharging the pack to 80 percent DOD. There are plenty of battery cycles like specifications available, which are based on 80% DOD. If you discharge more than this each and every time, the cycle life gets reduced. Basically, these batteries can lose capacity over time so the other 20% capacity offers you the added buffer zone right before you require replacing them.

Something else to consider is the battery capacity will reduce as the temperature gets colder. You will surely have approximately 15% decrease in capacity while riding in temperatures close to or below freezing so you might require the larger capacity pack if you intend on riding in cold weather.

Take help from the experts

In recent times, there are plenty of experts and professionals available who can assist you with the details of Ebike battery. If you do not have much idea about the battery and its capacity, then this is really significant that you get to know all the details from them. They can give you the suggestions regarding the battery.

On an average daily commute this is one of the best things to only use about 70 to 75 percent of your battery pack with all accessories running so that you will have the little extra capacity if you determine taking a detour and run some errands on your way home.

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