How to Search For the Best Legal Services in Turkey

Posted by Elena Korzhneva on April 15th, 2016

Having the best lawyer in Turkey can help you handle any legal matter calmly and efficiently. The best legal services in the country will apply proven technical skills and provide strategic advice to any legal issue concerning criminal, commercial, consumer, and family law. A lawyer's services will likewise be valuable when you are going through material compensations and execution or bankruptcy proceedings in Turkey. However, finding the best legal representation can be challenging if you are not a local. Use these tips if you are looking for the best legal services for foreigners in Turkey:

  • Do not take referrals too seriously – You can always talk to other individuals who may have experienced the same legal woes as you, but never decide to hire a lawyer based on a single person's recommendation. Different clients will have different experiences with a lawyer's personality and style. To be sure that you are hiring the right person, arrange to personally meet or speak with the lawyer so you can discuss your case with him or her. Remember that it is important that you feel comfortable talking to and working with your lawyer.
  • Look up the lawyer – Verify the experience of the legal services provider as a law firm in Turkey. Some of the best lawyers have more than a decade in practice. Be sure to look up the experience of the lawyer in handling cases that are similar to yours.
  • Find out the specialization of the law firm – It is crucial to keep your needs in check when looking for the best legal services in Turkey. Some of the best law firms specialize in offering legal services to foreign citizens and companies. Their attorneys, translators, consultants, and lawyers have years of experience in solving legal problems of foreigners in the country. Some lawyers are general practitioners while some choose to specialize in certain areas of Turkey's legal system such as family law, criminal law, and consumer law.
  • Choose someone who speaks your language – If you are a foreigner facing legal charges in Turkey, you need to have a lawyer who can easily understand and communicate with you. Hence, pick legal services that can deliver and communicate information in English. Some of the best law firms have qualified and skilled translators who know both English and Russian.

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Seyhan Law Office was established in 2001 by three qualified lawyers Hakan Uncuoglu, Mustafa Korkmaz and Bulent Seyhan to offer legal services for foreign citizens and companies in Turkey. We offer legal services for help in problems such as divorce, traffic accidents, necessity of debt collection, buying property and so on. Therefore, we specialize in legal help for foreigners in Turkey in English and Russian languages.

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