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Posted by Danyking on April 15th, 2016

Hello, all WOW fans! Have you heard the news that Czech Republic is organizing a WOW movie premiere with Alliance and Horde separated? Players are very excited that this happens in Czech Republic. Many players are quite curious whether it will happen in US.

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Czech Republic is organizing a WOW Movie Premiere.

Blizzfan, Czech official fan page and Ambasadorski Blizzard put together some great ideas and enthusiasts and create an unforgettable experience for all fans of the Warcraft universe. A Gamifique there obviously will not miss. The registration is divided into Alliance and Horde sides which will have their own auditoriums.

Will it happen in US?

The thought of planning such an event with a major US movie theater like AMC or Cinemark seems like a big hassle in a US city. For more rural areas, it is hard to fill a single theater room. And in some cases it is difficult to get people from adjacent cities to come just for a movie since it is bridge toll and parking fee and the public transit is average – 10. Also people have to be packed in like a sardine. Unless a theater is willing to take the financial risk, and do all the organizing themselves. This type of event seldom happens in the US.
Besides, the bottom line of most theaters is profit, which means that the organizers have to pre-purchase all tickets and then somehow fill those seats.
In addition, if people have been lucky to get a significant discount and manage to sell majority or whole of their total capacity for one day. With this discount, people can manage to get just enough to play theater rent, taxes and some basic production staff. However, the ticket for the community premiere won’t cost more than 5.99 Euro, which is retail price for the regular ticket in Czech. What’s more important, the point of this community premiere is not to generate income.

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