Educational Motivational Speakers: What Role Do They Play?

Posted by joelpenton on April 15th, 2016

The rapid pace of consumer-centric development over the last decade has put enormous stress on people and their time. Unlike the scenario a couple of decades back when people did not have to multi-task so much, each individual nowadays is caught up between the demands from a whole lot more avenues, several of which did not exist even two decades back. From having to stay updated with the latest in social media to getting a cool looking incessant news updates from every screen and news billboards to stay relevant, the demands are many on the 24 hours people have. No wonder that stress levels are rising, and lifestyle health problems now number more than actual viral or bacterial illnesses.

The level of pressure is more on the young minds – and especially the adolescents who are trying to learn how to balance their innocence with the not-so-innocent adult world. Studies around the world and in the US reveal that incidence of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and anti-social behavior, among others, is on the rise among teenagers. Statistics may reveal that more people are staying in schools than before but in real terms, the increasing population means that more students now are foregoing their formative education than before as they drop out of schools and colleges. This means a future filled with high unemployment numbers, and associated social and economic problems, not to mention the severe psychological trauma for the individual himself or herself and their family.

What makes these facts even more saddening is that the tide can be turned easily with proper mentorship and motivation. All it takes is for the teenager to feel valued, to realize that he or she is not alone, and to understand that the only thing they need to do to succeed beyond their dreams and be happy is to stay the course. The question is – how can this be done?

Though the school and college may themselves hold counseling sessions and take classes on inculcating proper human values, these do not have much success due to the teacher only being able to give examples of life’s heroes. Now, imagine what would happen if such a success story is told by an outsider who himself or herself has proven critics wrong time and again and emerged victorious in every challenge life threw their way. Wouldn’t the learning be better, the lessons more astute and the wisdom something the teenagers will take with them well into their adulthood until they have their success stories to tell?

Educational, motivational speakers are important for schools to produce successful people. These educational motivational speakers can teach the teenagers with real life examples – cold, hard facts that don’t shy away from the truth and yet provide a revealing insight into the human capability of rising each time one falls. Learning from someone adolescents look up to can be the difference between a child trying failing or succeeding in life. These professional educational motivators teach to each child, give him or her a glimpse of their inner strength and help them find the belief in themselves to be much better and bigger than they could even imagine. These experts teach about the value of a smile, the importance of grit, determination and self-discipline, the happiness of family and friends – life’s valuable lessons that get are often neglected and even forgotten in the learning process.

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