How To Care For Your Dental Implants At Home

Posted by ridgetopdental on April 15th, 2016

Dental implants are a good long term solution to replacing lost teeth. They look completely natural and do not slip or move, thus eliminating the embarrassment and discomfort associated with dentures. However, just like natural teeth; dental implants require conscientious at-home oral care and regular dental visits too. So, here are some useful at-home dental implant care tips, brought to you by Ridgetop Dental International Pvt Ltd, the best centre for dental dentist in whitefield.

After surgery

After surgery, it takes a period of time for the dental implants to anchor into your jawbone. The healing process takes time, and it is totally normal to experience some tenderness and swelling for a few days post surgery. A diet of soft foods, cold foods and warm soup is recommended till the swelling and tenderness subside. After your dental implants become strong enough, you can eat everyday food.

Avoid very hot liquids

Dental implants are made up of metal and metals are good conductors of electricity. So, avoid very hot liquids, as they may heat up your dental implants and make them hot enough to burn a thin layer of cells around the implant .With repeated small damages this may cause the loss of the implant.

Do not eat/drink hot and cold food together

The crown of the dental implants is made up of porcelain, which expands with heat and contracts with cold. So, avoid having hot and cold food together as this may cause the porcelain to crack.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking of any kind after oral surgery interferes with normal healing process and can increase your chances of developing an infection, failure of implants or bone grafts. Smokers have a higher risk of implant failure.

Proper care and maintenance is the key

When it comes to the success of dental implants, proper at-home care is the key. Brushing and flossing daily is important to fight infections and keep dental implants problems at bay. Consistent dental hygiene is also an essential part of fusing process between dental implants and the jawbone. A lack of good care and dental hygiene often results in implant failure, advice Ridgetop Dental International’s dentist in ulsoor .

Regular visits to your dentists is pertinent

Apart from good at home care; it is important to regularly visit your dentist to ensure the success of your dental implants. Your dental implants will require periodic checking by your dentist to ensure the surrounding gums and bone are maintained and healthy. Healthy dental implants also require periodic x-rays to evaluate the level of bone around your implants. The dental restorations attached to your implants will need periodic checking by your dentist to verify that they are secure and functioning properly. 

Dental implants give the people with missing teeth a chance to regain their lost self confidence and live a normal life. But, good care and maintenance is absolutely imperative for their success and long life; therefore, follow these tips by Ridgetop Dental International Pvt Ltd, the best root canal treatment Bangalore to maintain a beautiful, healthy smile forever.

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