Medical Abortion is Safe - But Why Fewer Women are using It?

Posted by Jamie Y. Crews on April 16th, 2016

Despite pregnancy termination being legal and acceptable in most of the states, some health centers do not inform women about options they have for it. Why is that so? What is hindering the complete women healthcare? Is it the taboo or personal belief interfering? More than ever, the political interest regarding abortion is leading to unrest among the pro-life and pro-choice groups. The laws restrict pregnancy ending services at some regions, thus, females these days choose abortion pills because they find it hard to access a local service for the same.

What many fail to understand that the drug treatment is safe. In fact the FDA has approved of the tablets in 2000 itself for the U.S. and in Europe, Mifeprex was available earlier. Still there is a general myth that the medications can harm women, cause health problems. These are plain rumors, as scientific studies prove that medication method to end pregnancy is one of the best in early gestation period compared to surgery. It is more private, comfortable, less expensive, and easy to use.

Here are Some Reasons why Women are not using Medical Abortion, even if they would want to:

1. Restrictive Laws: In United States itself, there are restrictions on the access to the medication and surgical methods to terminate pregnancy. Some laws make it mandatory for the abortion pill MTP Kit providers to house ambulatory services, while increasing the wait time for appointments, increasing the cost of treatment with high-end service requirement etc.

While telemedicine is Okayed in few states, most of the regions do not have this facility for medical pregnancy termination. Clinic visits are necessary in few states, even while consuming the tablets. Thus, it is not uncommon for women to access abortion pills online, and take these at home instead of approaching the healthcare provider when needed.

2. Less of Abortion Providers: The concurrent laws and prohibitions have pushed many providers and clinics to shut down. This mainly happened because of ambulatory service mandated, and certain doctors being banned from performing their duties. Until now, the physicians would be forced to follow the outdated FDA Mifeprex protocol, which thankfully have been updated to a safer dosage and other guidelines.

Due to lack of providers in remote areas, and shut down of clinics in urban regions, the females buy MTP Kit online, and sometimes are not aware how to use these properly. In Texas, North Dakota, Ireland itself, several hospitals closed down, because of violent pro-life campaigns generating fear in minds of people.

Here are Reasons to why Medical Pregnancy Termination Important and how does it Help Women:

1. Privacy: The female can take the tablets at her home. She may not have to visit the clinic for the same. A woman can buy abortion pill online as well. She does not face threat to privacy or fear that her actions would be revealed to someone else. Moreover, the medicines are safe.

2. Cost Effective: A surgical regimen requires hospital visits, which would incur additional expenses on fee, consultation, travel etc. But, on taking MTP Kit tablets, the woman saves on these spending. She can still avail insurance cover for the drugs if needed.

3. Easy to Access: As discussed, the female does not have to necessarily avail the tablets from a clinic. She can simply order abortion pills online at her home. In case she wants to refer a hospital, the medicines can be brought home than being used in the doctors office.

4. Effective: It is proven that Mifepristone and Misoprostol regimen for pregnancy termination has success rate of 95 to 98 percent. Women can receive both these medicines when they buy MTP Kit online. The pregnancy ends completely, and there is no need of surgical attention.

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