Design and use of smart cameras

Posted by sere on August 6th, 2021

Design and use of smart cameras

In the design of the smart home system, for the layout of the smart camera, there is no unified standard, but there are several principles need to be grasped.

1. The camera should be set in public areas such as walkway, stairs, living room and other public areas. The private area should not set up a camera.

For home scenarios, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc., relative to private areas, should not set up cameras. In order to ensure the effect of video surveillance, the smart home's camera is generally held at home, the door, stairs, living room, etc., especially for the entrance, aisle, stairs, etc., setting the camera can play better. Security effect.

2. If there is a high requirements for security, you can use a smart socket or the like to control the camera power supply.

Most smart cameras have sleeping function, and some people don't need security at home, the camera can go to sleep. However, after sleep, you can wake up via APP, so there are some risks to some extent. At this time, you can use smart sockets to control the power of the camera, and do not need security to disconnect the camera power supply, from physical prevention of privacy leakage. For some cameras with pan / tilt, you can set the camera to automatically remove the sensitive area before turning off the power, and then break off the power, so the effect is better.

3, the entrance and exit of the yard and garage set outdoor camera, requiring high two camera to be ejected.

For large-scale apartment such as villas, the entrance and exit of the yard and garage generally set the camera, and in most cases the camera is run outdoors, the outdoor intelligent camera product must be used, the protection level must be higher than IP65. Considering that a single camera is easily destroyed, two cameras are recommended to improve safety in the case of high-quality occasions, so that security is improved. Outdoor camera is much more due to light, wind blow, rain, snow, etc. The outdoor camera is generally in-depressed, the indicator is turned on, so it also plays a certain amount of shock.

4, indoor smart camera as much as possible.

The smart camera is generally supported, and the lifting is more concealed, the space is smaller, and the field is wider. You need to set a lifting camera to set the power supply in advance. Most smart cameras support WiFi connections and can not reserve a network cable.

5. Consider the wireless network load with many wireless smart cameras.

Wireless smart camera needs to send reception data via WiFi during normal operation, and the camera is more data, the wireless network performance is required, especially for users who use cloud storage, with multiple cameras, video The amount of monitoring data is large, and the data transfer will always exist in the case where the camera is turned on (the amount of mobile detection video varies with the screen), which requires the wireless network in the home to achieve a relatively high performance. . Generally, the wireless camera exceeds 3 to 5 (the higher the resolution, the fewer quantities), the wireless router with ordinary household 100 yuan can not meet the requirements, generally use AC + AP mode network to improve system stability And performance.

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