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Posted by Ople Asension on April 18th, 2016

Today we will talk about Medic Build. Every good team need a medic to finish mission. So Medic Build is important. By the way, if you need The Division Power Leveling, click it.


First Aid (Medical)
Support Station (Medical)
Recovery Link (Medical)


Overdose (First Aid)
Ammo Cache (Support Station)

Talents (in order or priority)

Combat Medic (Medical)
Strike Back (Medical)
Tech Support (Tech)
Triage (Medical)

Every good team should have a medic to support them in combat. The featured build gives the medic optimal healing abilities with a variety of ways to both heal and revive allies. If you find that your team is dying despite your best efforts, you can switch out the Overdose mod for the Defibrillator mod.

With this build it’s important to use Support Station and then go for as many kills as you can. Each kill will extend the duration of Support Station by 10 percent, essentially giving your party continued healing as long as the Support Station is around.

Alternate between First Aid and Support Station, using Support Station first because it has twice the cooldown of First Aid. With proper moderation you will have some form of healing available whenever it’s needed. In addition, if you unlock the three available Medkits perks and couple them with the Combat Medic talent, you have a plethora of healing options available to you throughout a battle.

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