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Posted by goldsafe21 on April 18th, 2016

safewow will introduce you the Underdark Campaign in Neverwinter. It is a simplified campaign which make players feel more free when deciding what they will play to advance.

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There are two new campaign currencies: Faerzress and Demonic Ichor. These resources come from the expansion's content. Faerzress is magical radiation left over from the formation of the Underdark and is the currency used to progress through the campaign. Demonic Ichor is a viscous pitch made up of all that is left behind in the wake of a demon's demise.

There are six tasks in the Underdark Campaign: Process Faerzress, Create Lesser Demonic Key, Unlock Epic Demogorgon, Create Greater Demonic Key, Gather Stronghold Supplies and Astral Diamonds Conversion. After completing these tasks, you will obtain rewards.

Underdark Survival will reward you defense or power. Underdark Gathering will reward you life steal or gritical strike. Underdark Hunting will reward you healing or opportunity strikes. Underdark Traveling will reward you resistance or stamina. Underdark Heroism will reward you demonic control, demonic protection, demon slayer or demonic knowledge.
Prophecy of Madness Skirmish in Neverwinterdiamonds

In the halls of Gauntlgrym, the demon Fraz Urb' luu looks for his lost Staff of Power, he suspects an ancient stone giant prophecy will lead him to the location of the missing staff. Players must protect the stone and learn the staff's location. Note that every skirmish features two variants. The variants have different scoring and victory conditions and each teaches specific mechanics useful in the larger battle against Demogorgon.

In the first variant, players must close these rips in the fabric of reality and destroy the demons that emerge. As the skirmish continues, larger tears appear. At the end of the skirmish, you need to defeat the Balor, so that the skirmish can end. The second variant is a little more involved, players suffer from a stacking madness debuff which can hamper their ability to fight back. The skirmish can end by defeating the Balor which emerges in the final phase of the fight.

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