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Posted by goldsafe21 on April 18th, 2016

Steel Will, Indomitable Will, and even the upcomming Bamboo costume as rewards for the elite of each PvP season, look damn great, even so they might not fit everyone taste.

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Let me get straight to the point, why not putting those costumes in the cash shop ?

Now I know,

Those costume are made to show you were the best in last season PvP, and in no way do I mean giving the opportunity to a paying player to get such a reward in a mater of seconds when in the other side someone spent his time playing arena PvP.

But as we can read, NCSoft decided that such a reward shouldn't last long, you know, hundreds of hour in PvP for a 6 week wearable costume.

So why not make those accessible to buy from the cash shop, or maybe the arena shop, a few weeks after the PvP winners lost them ? Except if they plan to put them back in the prize pool another season (which would be a shame to see the same ones but why not),it would please a fair amount of people (from what I've seen).

So that's pretty much it. I welcome any kind of feedback, there are probably a few things I don't know and some things I might not have thaught about.
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2. You must reach level 50 to participate.
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5. Only 10-minute pause in allowed. There should be no more than 10 minutes.
6. Any wrong and unfair behavior will result in a warning and potential elimination from the tournament.

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