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Posted by msfoot andankle on April 18th, 2016

A human body is a composition of various cells, atoms, muscles, tissues, bones and organs. No one organ can do the work of other organ and if the spinal cord is considered the strength of the body then the feet are considered the foundation. If the foundation is stronger than the building will stay strong forever; similarly if feet are well protected, strong and fir they will keep the body fit and active for a longer period of time. But, with the change in time and sedentary lifestyle people have started complaining about many problems related to feet such as:

  • Ankle displacement
  • Fracture
  • Diabetic foot
  • Ligament rupture
  • Bunions
  • Ingrown nails
  • Fungal infection
  • Runners Syndrom
  • Corns and many more

The specialized foot doctors Southaven are known for their expert treatment that will not only cure the core issue, but will also make a person stand and play with the same feet which were impossible to bear some time back. People suffering diabetes have a common issue that they loose stamina and have excruciating pain in the feet; their feet swell up due to even little amount of workout or pressure on the feet. Similarly, most of the diabetics’ complain about the formation of bunions, a rare growth of the bone or the enlargement of the bone of the big or small toe. Bunion Treatment and diabetic foot care Southaven  are done by specialized doctors that not only hold a degree, but also have years of experience dealing with patients having extreme peripheral artery disease or peripheral neuropathy that worsens the life of the patients.

Foot surgeries are also in demand these days precisely because people want to get rid of the pain and limping foot as soon as possible. As said earlier, feet are the strong foundation on which the body stands; people want to run and be successful in this fast paced life and want fast solutions. Ankle surgery is one such solution to the bunions, ruptures, fractures that makes the person fit as ever. The ankle surgeons in Southaven are known to relieve the pain and suffering of hundreds of patients due to flat feet, bunions, diabetic feet, etc. The doctors diagnose the urgency of the situation and if the problem does not cure with the help of antibiotics, physiotherapy or lifestyle changes then surgery is the lender of last resort. The doctors highly recommend:

  • Proper lifestyle changes to the patients as in limiting the amount of sugar and alcohol in the system for the diabetics before and after surgery.
  • Wearing of sports shoes with comfortable and feet supporting soles to support the feet after surgery.
  • Proper and timely physiotherapy session; so that the feet do not lose the alignment and stamina.
  • Avoiding any sort of strenuous exercise after surgery and a workout that may lead to displacement and periodical laser session in case of laser surgery of the toes.

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