Difference Between Commercial And Residential Cleaning.

Posted by michal1disuja on April 18th, 2016

Usually people thinks that commercial and residential cleaning is performed in same way but actually these both are quite different. Cleaning commercial places is very different to cleaning of residential places, as there are lot different challenges involved. Like, commercial organization are required to meet a lot of different norms to ensure that their workplace fulfills the requirement of health and safety standards. Cleaning business often required to meet this norms so they can meet all the standard which are required from them. Commercial cleaning required more advance technique as it comes more in contact of hazardous substances that requires special treatment than cleaners who work in limited area of home cleaning. To clean up commercial waste, cleaners require extra skills which they usually don’t require when cleaning residential premises. The equipment and cleaning product they use in commercial cleaning are also much costlier and stronger.

Cleaning services :

Cleaning service along with performing cleaning task, also take care of wide range of other task too. Like they may take care of building maintenance and facilities available, which can include repairs and cleaning of buildings to keep it in safe condition. The type cleaning service provided also depends on type of place they are operating in. cleaner usually performs task like, simple repairs, cleaning, building maintenance, facility maintenance.

Both the services perform same job but the commercial services have to perform more varied job then residential cleaning. As commercial cleaning service area are all different. Residential services usually works with individual home and requires few only few person do the job but commercial cleaning requires large team. Commercial service provider have to be more careful about their services and need to check their services for feedback as in large organization cleaning plays crucial role.

How to choose best service provider :

In order to choose the right service you need to spend some time to first find out your service requirement , area to be cleaned, your budget. Surf through various cleaning service provider website and see the feedback of the customers get advice from friends and relative to know about the best service provider in your area.

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