Importance of Pre Tender Meetings

Posted by KC Lim on April 19th, 2016

Often times pre-tender meetings are called by the tendering authority to describe about the projects also to get the views of the tenderers about it. It is just a high possibility to get complete information about the tender called and also to get the description of any ambiguous condition that may be present in the tender.

Make Pre-Tender Meetings Work for An individual

Many contractors fail to make the best opportunity of pre-tender meetings. Certainly, some organizations invited either refuse the invitation or accept but do not appear. This kind of everyday attitude does not best represent their interests. The pre-tender meeting is probably the best opportunity your organization will have to gain an insight into both your fellow tenderers' perspectives and the thoughts of the issuing specialist.

Larger companies often consider the pre-tender meeting as an occasion at which they should be seen but not heard. Consider silence best protects their interested, so ensuring they do not disclose to others the direction of their own quotations or inquire abuout they may make may be incorporated into the other's quotations. These types of are, of course, legitimate points, but total quiet allows other organizations the possibility to express through their questions a professional method that will be appreciated by the issuing authority's personnel after the event.

Small, and experienced, professional businesses must avail themselves of every chance to promote their expertise. As they do not have the benefit for being associated with a renowned firm, the pre-tender meeting is an occasion at which they can show their technical ability fully, in open competition with established and renowned firms. This serves to boost their firm's profile and can leave the giving authorities with a high judgment as to their abilities. Failure to grasp this opportunity of marketing your business's strength can be deadly mistake. A small firm has to overcome the issuing authority's knowledge.


The following points should be considered during the demonstration:

  • Contract terms; personnel; After-Sales Service
    Respond positively to the invitation
    Always get ready and write down your questions in advance of the conference for easy reference.
    Usually be represented by at least two personnel, that you ask the questions, one other to take notes and the answers, questions and remarks of others.
    Make sure the personnel representing your firm are technically qualified both might and answer fully, questions pertaining to the tender documents.
    Carry out not send senior management figures to impress the issuing authority personnel. This particular is a common blunder, which brings about their belief that your company may be technically incompetent.
    If possible, tape the whole meeting and replay to other personnel associated with preparing your firm's tender documentation.
    When only one representative of your firm is present, his attention is drawn to seeking opportunities to ask his questions and not to listening to the answers to others' questions.
    By listening to the direction of question from all the other tenderers you can gain valuable information as to how they perceive the tender.
    Whilst asking questions do not deny others the chance of also doing so.
    The occasion any at which to market your capability, but this should be done tactfully. Allow the questions you ask to express your company's expertise.
    Research before you buy in detail on those points in the soft documentation which you consider most important.
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