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Posted by Danyking on April 19th, 2016

Class changes in WOW Legion expansion has come. Have you stocked enough WOW gold to prepare for it? If not, come to Safewow! As for class changes in WOW Legion expansion, some players are quite upset at their own class but excited about other classes. Also, they have some concerns about demon hunters having a two-button rotation.

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Players are disturbing about their own class but delighted about others.

Talking about the upcoming Legion changes, one player playing Warlock feels like that Warlock has lost too much. However he’s quite excited to try out Outlaw. Also, one guildmate said that hunters aren’t the same without traps and pets. He wanted to try out demonology Warlock. Besides, two warriors said that they think their rotations are so lackluster and they are going to head off into greener pastures with a guardian druid. In addition, a subtlety rogue said that he gutted the complexity of his spec. and he’s going into demon hutter.

Two-button rotation in demon hunters is concerning.

First of all, it is quite concerning for DPS classes. Even in Vanilla when the rotation was like one or two buttons, there was more than enough game play complexity in getting positioning to cast. Complicated DPS rotations are a sign of poor game play design that literally forces DPS classes to be idle while playing and require them to be engaged by piano game play.
Besides, for someone with Alpha, it is concerning. They are very dimensional, but DHs have gotten a lot of depth and complexity with their talents and artifact traits, especially with more recent builds. They certainly have more depth and IMO than some established specs, such as beast mastery hunter, frost DK, and arms warrior. Not to mention the fact that with the latest Alpha build, they are given a potentially powerful raid utility when all other DPS seem to have lost theirs and already have incredible mobility and stun utility.

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