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Posted by jackeric on April 19th, 2016

Heard of eminent domain?
This sticky issue has raised its head in the recent presidential campaigns and candidates have been quick to make grand, yet inaccurate statements on the subject of property rights. The Kassouni Laweminent domain attorneys in Los Angelesare proud of being a unique private practice in California in that they exclusively defend private citizens’Constitutional property rights -never representing the government in any matter. As experts on eminent domain, they have come out to set the record straight for the public. Learn about your rights in the face of corporate and government land acquisitions.

Is market value the ‘fair’ value?
Eminent Domain is the government’s power to seize property, following a payment to the owner of that property deemed to be offair market value. The seizure of property is for the purposes of improving the greater public good. Historically this was something governments did in order to completepublic works like bridges and highways, but since 2005, the government has used eminent domain to enable private companies and contractors to proceed with developments considered for the public good.

Wrecking Ball
The problem with eminent domain is that citizens don’t get paid enough for their property. There is no account for sentimental value, or geographic suitability. The price offered is ‘fair market value’, which low-balls private property owners, so the wrecking balls can proceed.

What’s your alternative?
We all need roads and bridges and many other state funded public projects. The reason eminent domain exists is to eliminate the free-market case, where different owners are offered an increasing range of prices. Those that sell early are stuck with a low price, while others indefinitely hold out for a better price, or refuse to sell at all. This causes a great deal of community resentment and delays public works.

Positive Options.
There is a free market solution with a positive pedigree. Savvy businesses have used strategic planning and multiple site options to establish an improved scenario. Koch Industries is a large private company, which successfully built oil and natural gas pipelines through thousands of different properties. Instead of relying on only one site for the project, they developed plans for multiple routes and approached the various communities offering 25 percent above fair market value. Pipeline routes were chosen based on the first communities that agreed to the terms of sale. Strategic planning and site flexibility reduced the likelihood of individual holdouts, motivating people to take the offer, before others did. None were forced to sell for a low price and lose property under eminent domain.

Kassouni Law eminent domain attorneys at the Los Angeles satellite office and have an unrivalled understanding of eminent domain. Their reputation for defending people’s property rights with passion and loyalty has made them a first choice for those needing an advocate.

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