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Posted by accolac99 on April 19th, 2016

From 00: 00 UTC on 14th April until 23: 59 UTC on eighteenth April, dragon trinkets can be present in Treasure Hunter chests. These stackable items sit in your necklace slot or supply buy runescape 2007 gold , and will be put in for awesome effects when fighting dragons of an matching category (precious metal or chromatic):

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5% chance to instakill a dragon that you are fighting.
Awarding you additional Slayer XP for slaying a dragon, without needing a Slayer task for being assigned to you. Note that the XP rewards for chromatic dragons have been doubled from last period!
Auto-noting and auto-looting bones and bars/hides.
Teleport to a dragon location for a cost of 5 trinkets.

With the exception involving teleports, these effects will take place automatically while you’re taking trinkets. For full details, check out the benefits and trinket costs segment.

You can convert one sort of trinket to the other simply using a right-click option. The exchange rate can be 1 metallic trinket pertaining to 5 chromatics trinkets. You can convert equally ways.

Below you will come across tables detailing the trinket cost of activating each benefit while battling dragons.

PID changes

The Old School sport engine often has to handle two players doing something simultaneously. This could be dealing harm to a monster, dealing damage to a new player, picking up an merchandise, anything at all. When this happens, the game engine needs ways to decide which player's actions is processed first.

Previously, the game engine could give every player logged right world a random amount of priority every game mark. This made the control of player's actions completely random and completely capricious. While the system staying unpredictable can, in some instances, be an advantage, this also caused lots of inconsistencies in combat (almost all noticeably player-vs-player combat).

In order to make combat and several other aspects of the experience more consistent, instead of randomising the priority each player can be given every game beat, priority is now only randomised once every 100 : 150 game ticks (59 - 90 seconds). Within the duel area, the relative priority of players that are fighting each other will not likely change throughout the duration of any duel.

The biggest benefit to this change is that the item gives players in PvP much more consistent combat, allowing them to play in line with their priority.

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