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Posted by My12voltstore on April 19th, 2016

A road trip allows families or a group of friends to have non-stop fun for hours. Reaching your destination is a different feeling altogether but you also get a chance to explore places on the way. There is no better way to arrange a family or friends get-together than a road trip. They let you enjoy the journey and see the places you want to in the company of your loved ones. There are quite a few things you can do to pass the time when you are on the road or resting for the night after the day’s ride. Road trips will be more enjoyable when watching movies or listening to music on your 12 volt DVD player. These products are more useful while traveling with kids, as unlike the adults they get easily bored on long trips and need continuous distractions. If your kids are busy watching a movie, they will not bother you while you are driving. 

Car DVD players are not just ordinary DVD players. They come with a number of features and accessories. They serve not just only as a music player – you can attach a customized screen and watch movies. Their modern features and accessories make them even handier. Different types of DVD player from established brands are available. These constitute: 

  • Dash DVD Player: These DVD players are installed on your dashboard and are traditional type of players. Among dash DVD players, flip down DVD players also popular. They look like a laptop and have a folding screen. You can flip down the screen and the DVD will automatically power off or go into sleep mode. You can also install Dash DVD players in the rear sleeping section of your RV. 
  • Headrest DVD Player: It is installed on the dashboard but screens are behind the front seat headrests and passenger sitting in the back can enjoy movies or videos. 
  • Overhead DVD Player: These types of players are also installed on the dashboards but their screens are fitted above the passengers and everyone can enjoy the movie. They give a theater like feel with good quality speakers. 

Modern DVD players are loaded with amazing features. These players can be a radio on short trips and movie players on long journeys. They have a Bluetooth music player system, so that you can connect them to your phone and play music directly from your cell phone. Some advance players have a flash-drive port (USB port). In case you do not want to carry DVDs you can connect your pre-loaded flash-drive to the player and watch as many movies you want. 

Modern DVD players are also handy. You do not have to control them by pressing buttons on your dashboard. You can control them by a remote and enjoy total freedom. You can also buy custom headphones which are designed to connect with the players. Many of the normal headphones too support most of the players but it is always better to be sure before buying one. Headphones are a great choice while watching a movie or enjoying some music. Sometimes the noises in the movies or from the music distract the person who is driving. The passengers should be careful about these situations and use headphones as a necessary precaution.

 All of the above types of DVD players are available in both retail and online stores. It’s up to you to decide what option you choose to buy one. Most people, nowadays prefer the internet option as it offers a much wider range, price comparison features and results in significant time savings. 

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