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Posted by South Bay Yellow Cab on April 19th, 2016

It’s now time to boost your bonding with your child by attending an enlightening parent-child workshop that will be held on April 22, 2016 i.e. on Friday from 11:00am onwards at Lawndale Library which is located at 14615 Burin Avenue, Lawndale, California. This family workshop will assist you to enhance your relationship with your child. At times, there are wide age-gaps between parents and children which tend to broaden up with times. Hence, by attending these kinds of workshops not just have positive effects on parent-child relationship rather it also helps to boost the child’s learning development & power.

There are different kinds of positive feedback that we have got from these kinds of workshops. They not just benefit child but also encourages parents. In fact, various researches have also confirmed that there has been drastic improvement in the behaviour of the people who have attended these kinds of workshops. It has helped them to boost their confidence & ability to respond to the challenging behaviour. They motivate an individual to move ahead in life with lots of success. They also explore the significance of supporting a curriculum based in Core standards that will ensure that the children are ready for the real-world of employment or college grad.

Parents are the first teacher to a child. We have often heard this sentence. Thus, these workshops not only offer practical steps for parents to be actively involved with their child’s education & in their overall development. Because, the ability to communicate effectively is one of the most influential tools that parents tend to develop & utilize to assist their children to understand how to be successful in their academic and daily life. These kinds of workshops also assist parents & children to communicate in a better way. You can also book torrance taxi to visit this event. It is considered as one of the best taxi service!

Participants in the workshop will learn that how critical their roles are as a parent/guardian in nurturing the development of positive discipline & educational habit in their children. They also make sure that the child is in-taking proper nutrition diet. Hence, parents are enlightened about how important green vegetables are in the development of their kids. In fact they would also learn significance of physical activities. Guardians are also given proper tools, techniques & skills to deal with their kids. They are properly trained to keep a close check at their child if he is been physically or mentally tortured. Bullying at school is another important aspect which every parent is enlighten with.

Well, if your child is suffering from behavioural problems it is these motivated workshops that encourage you to have a good control over them. They will also learn how to raise a kid’s confidence and make sure that sooner or later such behaviour problems do not occur again. Thus, it makes your child more disciplined. Your kids will also learn significance of equality. Make sure you bring your whole family along with you when you visit such event. Let them also enjoy every bit of it. You can also hire lawndale cab at lowest price ever!

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