The Qantas American Express Ultimate Credit Card

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

There is a world of opportunity for sure when it comes to credit cards and the payment solutions. There are a number of ?global? credit cards on the market but many fail to combine the worldwide features that are available on other competing cards. Global usage is extremely important to many consumers in a more connected world. The Qantas American Express Ultimate credit card is one such credit card that works to combine worldwide usage with consumer based activities.

In a day and age where travel is glorified there are only a few cards that can match the travel benefits that the Qantas Ultimate card offers. The Qantas American Express gives 1.5% returns on money spent; which means for every dollar you spend you will get 1 ½ back in travel rewards. These 1 ½ points can be used in conjuncture with frequent flier miles, can be used to travel domestically or even used for other travel luxuries. The Qantas American Express Ultimate credit card also offers an additional point per dollar spent on a multitude of services in Australia. Check with customer service to see a full listing of Qantas service partners. You can also earn yet another point if you use your Qantas card to purchase something from one of the American or Qantas Express Bonus Partners.

Why are travel rewards so important to Australian consumers? Australian consumers, just like the ?normal? people in most other countries love to travel. Travel brings freedom and luxury and a credit card that makes this cheaper is an important choice.

The Qantas American Express gives card holders the chance to maximize their point values at a cost that is minimal to them. While most cards stop at 1 or 1.5 points per dollar, the Qantas credit card will offer up to 3.5 points per dollar spent. Another bonus is that points never expire and there is no limit to how many you can earn. Instead of being cut off at 300 points or 5000 points you can earn and earn until you just can?t earn any more.

What else will a reward based credit card like the Qantas American Express Ultimate offer a card holder? Here are a few of the bonus features that you should expect: Online banking, at least 30 days of no interest on purchases, additional cards at no cost, and a bonus domestic flight with certain purchases.

The Qantas American Express credit card is one of the marketed Australian financial options which work well in terms of rewards, travel and benefits.

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