Do Our Prayers Really Bring Change ? Proper Science Treatment for Christian Pray

Posted by lukachan on April 20th, 2016

A prayer is what a person is left with when science fails to work! There have been innumerable instances of situations where prayer has done the trick where it seemed that science would come up trumps. There is definitely a relation between the two. Learning proper science treatment for Christian prayer can help us rid the boundary that divides the two.

Our mind has a conscious part and an unconscious part; we never know what's happening in the latter part and former is what keep us informed and is responsible for our actions. There is a lot of information in our mind. We recollect a particular piece of information when we need it; else it stays in our unconscious mind. A prayer we said for someone when he/she was ill – did it work? We have all this information in our mind, but it only surfaces when we are in a similar situation – déjà vu if you like. And if it did worked then, would it have the same impact again? How can someone know about something that isn't in their control? But, the trust is always there. You always believe that the prayer you are saying for someone in the family or a person living in a distant world would work magic and better the condition they currently find themselves in. But, does your positive attitude towards prayers really have any credibility? According to the father-son duo of Bruce and John Klingbeil at Spindrift Inc. or Spindrift Research, prayers can evoke positive outcomes for the individual or group they are directed at.

Bruce and John have conducted extensive research on whether prayers have an impact or not. Putting science, religion, spirituality, and unconquered realms of our mind can be a challenging job that can attract a lot of criticism from all corners of the society. However, there are things that need to be understood scientifically as our generation believes more in scientific evidence than in spiritual or religious proof. Through this research that has lasted so many years, Bruce and John have tried to understand the effects of Christian prayer for healing and other such needs. Their research work has been accounted in a book and some of it is also available on their website. There are so many surprising findings in the research that can and will definitely make you into the 'thinking' mode for some time and you will want to know more about it, which you can do by contacting the authors.

About the Author: The author is a blogger. This article is about the proper science treatment for Christian prayer.
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