Why Shop from a China Valve Manufacturer?

Posted by Alvin Sylvester on August 22nd, 2021

Numerous industries use valves and they are in the market for high-quality items that enable them to do their job. The good news is that it is possible to bring valves from China these days at an affordable cost. A reliable China valve manufacturer with years of experience in this field puts at your disposal a variety of valves, including Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve and so on. Ball valves have numerous applications but the V-port ball is among the most popular types for it can be used as a control valve should the situation require it. V-ball valves should be used in flow control as they are more affordable and effective than larger and more expensive control valves.

What You Should Know about the Ball Valve?

Ball valves, also known as quarter turn valves, are commonly used in piping systems and they can be operated manually or with the help of an actuator. The ball of the valve has the shape of a sphere and a hole in the center, also known as a bore. Ball valves have various classifications based on:

The housing assembly
• one piece ball valve - its parts are welded together thus eliminating any risk of leakage; these are the most affordable available on the market but it is impossible to repair them once they get damaged;
• split body ball valves - this can be two-piece or three pieces; the housing is divided and in case of the two-piece valve the parts can be dismantled and cleaned and maintained; the three piece one is recommended in applications where valves are used heavily and their regular maintenance is a must. Such valves are mostly used in the food and beverage as well as in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ball design
• floating valves - which are very popular, the ball is suspended inside the valve and it can move laterally; such valves have a simple design, small diameters and they can be used for liquids and gases with low to moderate pressure.
• trunnion valves - the ball has a shaft at its bottom also known as the trunnion; they come in all sorts of diameters, they can operate in a variety of pressure, being suitable for high-pressure applications
• vented ball valves - these are similar to standard valves, the only exception being the fact that the ball has a small orifice drilled on it. They should be deployed in compressed air systems and cryogenic processing.

Bore profile
• full bore valve - it has a low flow resistance, a low pressure drop and it is easy to clean and to maintain; they are commonly used in pipelines.
• reduced bore valve - these has a narrower flow area at the downstream side, it can be used in applications where flow rate is not a reason of concern. It has a small pressure drop.
• segmented valve

If you are in the market for ball valve for a certain application you should go online and see what options you have, what type suits your requirements best and so on.

What Valves Materials Are Available at a China Valve Manufacturer?

Individuals who are interested in purchasing valves of premium quality that are designed to stand the test of time should resort to the services of a reliable China valve manufacturer. It is much easier to find what you need when you work with the best in this field and when you are aware of the options you have, of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of valve. It is useful to know that reliable suppliers from China put at your disposal an impressive selection of valves for all applications and budgets.

Furthermore, a China valve manufacturer with years of experience in this field will guide you every step of the way and inform you about your options so that you make a purchase that you are happy with in the long run. As far as the materials used to make these valves, the most common ones are:
• Brass - this is quite popular for ball valves, it is tough, strong, durable and designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures; brass is also known for its corrosion resistance and brass valves are more affordable and lighter than steel ones; if you want to use such valves in food, chemical oil and gas processing you cannot go wrong with them.
• Stainless steel - it is known for its superior corrosion resistance, strength and durability and it can be used without worries in high temperatures and pressures.
• PVC - this is tough and rigid but not as strong and durable as the materials mentioned above; the plus is that it is cheaper and it is resistant to corrosion and most acids. Such valves made of PVC are common in plumbing, irrigation and water distribution systems.
• PP, also known as Polypropylene- it is lightweight, flexible, it has a good resistance but the maximum operation temperature is 82°C.
• Polyethylene - these valves are flexible and lightweight, they are chemical resistant and they can be used for handling fluids, water treatments and so on but their maximum temperature is 60°C.

Why Should You Consider Using a Ball Valve for Your Intended Application?


If you have second thoughts as to whether or not the ball valve is suitable for the application you have in mind, you should know that such valves have a low pressure drop, they can be used to restrict or allow flow immediately and this is perfect for those who want to control the level of a certain liquid. Furthermore, ball valves do not require any lubrication and they are available in various designs so that they can suit multiple applications.

China valve manufacturer puts at your disposal a variety of ball valves in a multitude of designs and he will help you select the most suitable ones for your intended application. When selecting a suitable valve, you should pay attention to the size you need, the recommended working temperature as well as the material it is made of. With proper guidance from your China valve manufacturer, you should be able to select the most suitable valves.

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