What Are the Useful Benefits of Shower Seat for The Elderly?

Posted by Ross Taylor on August 23rd, 2021

With age, elderly people experience mobility and body balance issues. The showers could increase their problem furthermore as the surface could be slippery for them. You would need to help them every day with the showers, which might not be comfortable for any aged people. Who will help them with it then? Well, you surely would have heard of Folding Shower Seat for the bathrooms.

Apart from the shower seat, you could also provide additional support to them by strategically placing the Bathroom Handrail in the bathroom. This would be like aging proofing the bathroom. These are a necessity as some of these injuries that they get while using the bathroom could be fatal. What specifically would change if you install the shower seat in the bathroom for the aged people?

The answer to this question is the blog below.

No More Bathing Embarrassments

Just like we do not like when someone invades our private space, especially the bathroom, they have the same feeling too. You want to help them as you are concerned about their safety, but this could turn out to be too embarrassing for many aged people. Especially if there is a gender difference and you do not have any other choice. This seat would provide them with the support that you want to give them.

A Better Experience of Shower

There are various benefits that the aged people can get from having a good long warm shower. These benefits are both mental and physical. But the fear of fall would take that feeling of relaxation away from them. The shower seat would provide them with a comfortable position in which they would not fall, can also make the shower more comfortable and soak in all the therapeutic benefits of the bath.

Assured Safety

Having the shower while standing would require body balance and movement. Given their age, they would not be able to do it effectively either. That would increase the chances of their fall. You and they both would be in constant worry to dodge the possibilities of the fall. The shower seat not only just provides them a comfortable sitting position but would also eliminate the requirement of body balance.

Further, the more added accessories like the bathroom handrail would increase the independence of moving in the bathroom without any extra help that too with the assurance of safety even in your absence.

No More Bailing on Bathe

Some of the elderly people do not take a bath for days just because they have a fear that they would fall while having a shower. The hygiene condition would be affected doing so for a long time as in their age the immunity is already low. Further, low hygiene would adversely impact them. The shower seat would eliminate the fear from their minds and encourage them to bathe every day.

One thing that you need to make sure of is to install all such accessories that would help them in the bathroom, like the bathroom handrail.

Source: Have Aged People at Home? Shower Seat Is a Necessity for You

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