Life Imprisonment for Drug Trafficking in UAE

Posted by Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultants on August 23rd, 2021

In the past decade, drugs laws have severally expanded and so is the punishment of drug-related crimes. Jail sentences for drug dealing have expanded in length, and numerous people have been detained for abusing new, “get intense” policies for drugs. However, we know minimal about drug-traffickers who now receive hefty penalties than any time previously. In 1996, UAE issued a regulation entailing death penalty or life-imprisonment for drug offenders or majorly for drug-traffickers. The drugs laws are extremely stringent in the UAE, and voyagers going through the UAE with small quantities of illegal drugs or narcotic substances on them have been detained for as long as four years. This has happened a few times since 2006, and even sums as low as 0.05 grams or less can prompt a blameworthy decision. Be exceptionally mindful of this in the event that you are going into the UAE from a country where the drugs laws are altogether different.

Nevertheless, the drug-trafficking or dealing is drugs is strictly prohibited and will result in life imprisonment or awful capital punishment. Criminal Lawyers of Dubai, yet again will provide information pertaining to drug traffickers and under what circumstances the courts of UAE issues life-imprisonment or death penalty for these traffickers or drug-dealers.

In a recent judgment issued by Federal Supreme Court under case number 443 of 2016, the court was convinced that the crime for drug-trafficking would be established if the accused possess and supply the drugs even without using them. Additionally, the crime of utilizing the drugs or opiate substances by others in one or several acts which the accused aims in providing the drugs for consumption by the other person is established and the wrongdoer has conveyed the drugs to the individual regardless of whether or not he has consumed the drugs.

The court affirmed that the mere sale of drugs and any evidence which confirms that the drug-trafficker had the intention to sell or to offer it to someone for consumption is enough proof for his detention. Subsequently, the defence of non-consumption of drugs by himself by the offender will be considered irrelevant and would be disregarded.

In the concerned case, the contested judgment was held valid for condemnation of the appealing party and strictest penalty being applicable for facilitating drugs based on the affirmations of the first and second party whereby they expressed that they had received the drugs from him, and in his admission in the Public Prosecution’s examination were that he had given the drugs to them and he possessed the drugs for the purpose of offering it to others. The court issued an order for life imprisonment for the drug-trafficker, even though he never utilized the drugs himself.

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